Helping Hand

Introduction: Helping Hand

About: I like making things that help people out so maybe I will help you out to so stick around to find out .

Ever needed to solder something or old small things while doing other things well here is the solution . This helping hand has a twist to it what is it you say well here it is its removeable it slides in and out of a hole in my workbench . I came up with this idea by making one then keep bumping in to it and bending it so this one comes out when not in use .

Step 1: Get Stuff

You need a
Drill bit smaller than match holder
The blue thing is a guide for drilling a straight hole
Old bbq grill match holder

Step 2: Drill the Hole

Not much to this step but drill a straight hole where you want and your done .

Step 3: Taa Daa

Now insert the match holder and you done if you have a tight fit try some wax . Enjoy

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