Introduction: Helping Hands


My name is Gabriel and this is my first "Instructable".

Sometime i design a project only to justify buying some tools.

This time i had to build this helping device because i missed a hand or two (or more).

Some years ago i decide to install some sort of heating controlling devices for my floor heating system. Unfortunately, in that time i picked an commercial (proprietary) system from Homematic. After five years the receivers start to behave strange, behavior traced to the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply area. I had two choices, either buy a new receiver for 100 Euro each and i needed 5 of them, or try to repair them, explicitly exchange 4 condensers in each of the receivers for a total investment of 5 Euro in electrolytic's. I choose repairing because i had almost nothing to loose.

For this kind of operation i needed another helping hand and this was the starting point of my journey.

Step 1: Parts

For my device i used:

  1. 6 x loc-line flexible pipe each 30cm long; (i used this one:ühlmittel-Schlauch/dp/B07253G4LP/ref=sr_1_9_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1551731229&sr=8-9-spons&keywords=loc-line+schlauch&psc=1)
  2. 6 x crocodile clamps;
  3. 6 x M3 screws 10mm long;
  4. shrinking tube;
  5. wood board (pine) 35 x 40 cm;

Step 2: Building

I started by fixing the crocodiles to the tubes with the help of the M3 screws.

After this i used the shrinking tube to hide the screw.

And all of this six time.

The pine board (scrap from other projects) was drilled with a 12 mm diameter drill for about 15 mm deep and with the help of a wrench M13 i screwed the tubes in the board (i used pine due to the "softness").

Step 3: Final

Because of 6 arms i can support not only the board but also the documentation.

I hope that someone will find this device useful.



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