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Introduction: Hemorrhoids 'On Notice'

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Get remedies for those awful hemorrhoids in your life. A succinct list outlines each remedy. And then some additional information to help you if you or someone you know is having this kind of difficulty.

Step 1: What to Do, With Stephen Colbert

Hemorrhoids are a vein weakness. The pain can be lessened a few ways. Ice being one of them.

I have also read to use grated potatoes for hemorrhoid application! I'll leave it up to your imagination how!

Other useful remedies
Witch hazel
Add to diet- Prunes, Okra & Flaxseed
Avoid squatting
Cotton balls for witch hazel

Do's & Don'ts

Drink plenty of water
Take Epsom salt baths
Lay down and get plenty of rest

Sit on a donut pillow
Eat spicy food
Bike ride

Try to
Reduce stress.
Soak in a tub as often as you can.
Stay off your feet whenever possible until flare up subsides.

Why, why, why!?

  • Gravity
  • Family history
  • Age
  • Constipation
  • Low-fiber diet
  • Laxatives
  • Pregnancy
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Prolonged standing

All can contribute to the pain of this discomfort.

Signs & symptoms

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Blood clots or lumps
  • Pain

Coconut oil, Epsom salt soaks, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel are all thought to be useful, topical home remedies. Also consider a warm wet tea bag applied directly to shrink and soothe.

Instead of dry toilet paper, use medicated, moist towelettes or baby wipes to clean after using the bathroom.

Step 2: Support Your Veins

Other support to consider-

Take RDA of Calcium and Magnesium supplements.
Consider taking a powerful herbal remedy called Bilberry in capsule form. Bilberry is well studied and safe enough for pregnant & nursing women to use. A powerful anti-oxidant related to blueberry known for it's vein support. Diminishes pain from any veinous ailment including hemorrhoidal pain. I highly recommend it.

Preventative measures-When the pain is first noticed, begin taking a dosage of 6,000 to 8,000 mg of Vitamin C along with 800 to 1,000 I.U.s of Vitamin E three times a day. The pain is usually gone within 24 hours. Repeat this dosage the second day after which the hemorrhoids should start to decrease in size. Repeat the dosage the third day after which they are usually gone entirely. If not, repeat the dosage one more day. Once the hemorrhoids are gone, a maintenance dosage of 1,000 mg Vitamin C and 400 I.U.s of Vitamin E taken daily will help strengthen the blood vessels.

I hope you got some good take away & use advice here. Thanks!

This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Neither the Editors or the author nor Stephen Colbert nor publisher take responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, procedure, exercise, dietary modification, action or application of medication which results from reading or following the information contained in this information. The publication of this information does not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider. Before undertaking any course of treatment, the reader must seek the advice of their physician or other health care provider.

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    5 years ago

    You can use water instead of non biodegradable baby wipes ect....

    Dont forget to wash hands after.....