Introduction: Herb-tabel

why did I make this herb-table:

In the store I didn't really find anything to my taste, And everything was too expensive. So I decided to make one myself. For a maker this is easy to make!

Step 1: Step 1 Make a Drawing

I made this drawing in fusion 360. That is a free drawing program.

Before I started, I searched some info on the internet about herb table

Step 2: Step 2

Make a list of what you have to buy in the store.

wood from the store:

  • Sides: X2 (18mmx94mm 2700mm)
  • Ground: X3 (19mmx100mm 2400mm)
  • Table legs: X2 (44mmx44mm 2400mm)
  • Distribution table: X2 (18mmx18mm 2100mm)
  • screws: 3.5x45mm

Step 3: Step 3 Abbreviate

Cut wood to length with a hand saw or trimming machine. keep
the drawings with you.

  • table legs 4x 710mm lang (44mm thickness x 44mm width)
  • Sides 4x 564 mm lang (18 mm thickness x 94 mm width)
  • Sides 4x 600 mm lang (18 mm thickness x 94 mm width)
  • ground 6x 600mm lang (19mm thickness x 100mm width)
  • Distributietafel 4x 600 mm lang (18 mm thickness x 18 mm width)

Step 4: Step 4 to Mark

Take the 4 legs, 8sides, 5undersides: and mark them with a sign.

Step 5: Step 5 Attach the Sides

Attach the sides to the legs with screws.

Drill holes in the side boards with a diameter of 3mm.

Take 3.5x45mm screws.

Screw the sides to the legs, make sure that the sides at the top are 40 mm above the legs.

Step 6: Step 6 Fix the Ground

Now we will also fix the bottom with 3.5x45mm screws.

but first you saw a corner from the 2 boards, the legs will pass in there.

Step 7: Step 7 Half Lap Joint

Maak een rooster om de lade te verdelen, zodat
elke plant een plaats in de kruidentafel heeft.

Neem vier latten van 18x18mm omdat we een kruis maken. We maken een Half Lap Joint.

Step 8: Step 8

Place plastic in the container so that the soil will not dry

out in the container. We will also drill 4 large holes with a diameter of 10 mm through the plastic and the bottom. For in case there is to mutch water.

screw the wooden lattice huge table the table you make with a half-timber connection

Step 9: Step 9 Potting Soil

Fill the container with potting soil.

Step 10: Step 10 Plant the Plants, Herbs You Wish

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    Wow chique! Would like to have this


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    thank you!!