Here Comes the Bride DIY Wine Glass

Introduction: Here Comes the Bride DIY Wine Glass

This beautiful wine glass is the perfect DIY for the Bride to be. It would be fun for the bride and her bridemaids to make these at her bridal shower or drink from them while turning up at her bachelorette party! Regardless of where you choose to drink from them, these glasses are a lovely and thoughtful way to make any bride feel fabulous and classy.

You will only need a few items: Wine glass (Dollar Tree) Tulle Acrylic Paint Paint brush Pearl buttons Rhinestone Strips Or any decorations to embellish your dress Glitter spray (optional- i used it after the fact to make the dress sparkle and appear more dimensional) Hot glue gun

Step 1: Clean Wine Glass

Take wine glass and wash thoroughly to remove finger prints, leaving a crystal clear shine. Dry with paper towels.

Step 2: Paint

Using small paint brush, draw heart shape on to glass surface to mimic the sweetheart neckline of a bridal gown. Apply two coats of paint, allowing drying time between each coat.

Step 3: Apply Pearls and Rhinestones

Apply faux pearls and rhinestones with hot glue or E6000 glue as desired to enhance the look of the painted bodice of the gown. I applied two pearls in the center and trimmed the painted bodice with sticky back rhinestones to give this glass an elegant gleam.

Step 4: Cut Tulle

Cut tulle to desired length. Take your hot glue gun and apply it to the stem. Be careful wrapping tulle around stem. Use decorative ribbon to tie around the top of the stem to hide hot glue.

Step 5: You Are All Done.

Enjoy a glass of wine from your new glass

To see step by step instructions watch my youtube video


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    That is a really nice looking wine glass. I know a lot of people who would love to have one of these at their wedding.