Introduction: Hermione Granger's Wand and S.P.E.W Badge

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Harry Potter books are always a wonder for me as being a new reader who is venturing into the world of reading for the first time.The stories are soooo captivating that it has fascinated deeply that I dream of living in the world of Harry Potter. And I'll really love to be Hermione Granger if I ever get a chance to be in Harry Potter world. That's why being inspired from Hermione Granger I made this Hermione Granger's Wand and this interesting badge of S. P. E. W.


The supplies needed are:~
°For the Wand
•Wooden Stick
•Hot glue
•Acrylic colours( Mostly Dark Brown & Golden)
•Paint Brush

°For the S. P. E. W. Badge
•Any ordinary badge
•A printout of S. P. E. W. Badge
•Transparent Nail Gel (for shine)

Step 1: For Making the Wand

Make the wooden stick in shape of a wand. I had taken a small branch of a hibiscus sherbet and shaped it like a wand and polished it with sandpaper. Later wrap the hot glue on the down part of the wand like a spring.make some leaves and extra lines with hot glue between the main spring like lines.

Step 2: Colouring the Wand

First colour the wand with dark brown acrylic colour. After it gets dry apply some golden acrylic over the wand. This will make the wand shiny.

Step 3: Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare Badge

Take the simple badge and apply fevicol on its smooth side. Paste the cutting of the S. P. E. W. Badge over the ordinary badge carefully. Allow it to dry then apply transparent nail Gel to make the badge look shiny.