Introduction: Hero Factory Clone

About: Minecraft archer

This would have been my first instructable, but I stopped working on it so it is my fourth.

Step 1: Parts

You need 2 large and 2 medium connectors, 6 small connectors, a clone head and body shield, six red connectors, 2 shin protectors, a large and a small body, a triangular shaped shield, two four toed feet, a body shield,, two black pin, and 2 number six shields (look on back of the plate to find the numbers) . Colors don't have to be the same as what I have.

Step 2: Arms

Put three small connectors together and put a hand on the end of each arm. Put the number six plates in the middle of the arm. Attach the red axles to the lightsaber hilts and blades, then attach to the hands blade up.

Step 3: Legs

Put the large and medium connectors together, the large one on top. Place a foot at the end of each leg. Add the shin guard, point up on the large connector.

Step 4: Body

Put the body shields on their proper bodies in the proper position. Attach the head onto the big body backward. Put the pins in the top two holes on each body, to attach the bodies together

Step 5: Sorry

Sorry I'm missing pics and a step. But you can figure out how to put it together by yourself.