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Introduction: Hex Nut Necklace

A lot of hardware is way cuter than it is given credit for.  Hex nuts, for example, are adorable!*

This is a super simple and quick necklace to make.  And since it is fast, the variations you will inevitably think of while putting it together will be equally easy  to try out (double or triple stands, shorten to a choker, try out different beads, create intricate pendants).

If you do play around with this idea, please post your finished work!

* If you agree, here are two other hexy Instructables you might enjoy:

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials (18" necklace)
38 Small hex nuts, 1/4" in diameter
2 Standard sized hex nuts, 7/16" in diameter
39 Pieces jewelry wire, 1" long, 22 gauge
3 Cylinder hematite beads
1 Eye pin, 22 gauge
3 Headpins, 22 gauge

Wire Cutter
Round pliers
Metal file

Step 2: Form Chain

To make the chain
  • Using the round pliers, fashion wires into 'S' shapes
  • Attach a small hex nut to one end
  • Bend the loop to close
  • Repeat until you have 17 pieces
  • Attach all pieces together to form chain
Note: File any particularly sharp wire edges as you go

Step 3: Make Clasp

To make the clasp
  • Bend one eye pin (eye end) to create a hook
  • Attach small hex nut to the other end of the pin
  • Attach piece to one end of the chain
  • Attach one of the larger hex nuts to the opposite end of the chain
  • Just loop through hex nut to close necklace
  • This also makes the clasp nearly indistinguishable from the rest of the chain

Step 4: Hex Nut and Bead Pendants

To make pendants
  • Loop wire around two small and one large hex nut
  • Bend ends into a small hooks
  • String beads on to head pins
  • Cut excess wire, leaving enough to make a loop attaching the bead to the hex nut
  • Hang on chain and decide spacing
  • Loop and close the hooks affixing them chain

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    very high recommendation of using stainless steel or copper or brass nuts. nickel plated will not last and can eventually rust. stainless don't rust and copper and brass tarnish but can be cleaned easily