Hex Nut Tree Topper and Ornaments




Introduction: Hex Nut Tree Topper and Ornaments

Celebrate your Christmas and DIY spirit with these cute hardware ornaments and matching tree topper!

Materials - Tree Topper
1/4" Hex nuts (72)
1/8" Hex nuts (36)
1/2" Hex nuts (7)
1/4" Washers (18)
1/2" Washer (1)
1/4" x 6" Eye bolt (1)
Screw (1)
2.5" diameter magnet (1)
Tiny neodymium magnets (3)
Krylon spray paint - Metallic - Gold
Krylon spray paint - Brushed Metallic - Caramel Latte
10mm point-back Swarovski rhinestones (7)
Gorilla SuperGlue*

Materials - Ornaments
Hex nuts (21)
Head pins (3)
6mm point-back Swarovski Crystals (3)
Krylon Spray paint - Brushed Metallic - Caramel Latte
Krylon Spray paint - Gloss - White

Tools - Tree Topper

Tools - Ornaments
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter

* This is for a simple pattern, but more intricate designs wouldn't take much more effort. However, if creating anything larger, I would recommend epoxy over superglue since it will get heavy.

Step 1: Paint

The project included colors of Krylon spray paint.  I glued the hex nuts into rings before painting them and sprayed each side once following the directions on the paint can.

Tree Top
Magnet in Caramel Latte
Hex rings in Caramel Latte (3)
Hex nuts in gold (6)

Hex ring in White (1)
Hex ring in Caramel Latte (1)

Step 2: Add Loop to Ornaments

Add a loop to the top of each ornament on which to attach the Christmas tree hooks.

1. Drill a small hole in the tops of three hex nuts.  Hole must be smaller than the end of the head pin  I used the 1/16" Dremel drill bit.

2. Thread head pin through the nut and cut, leaving about 1/2" of wire.

3. Bend wire into loop with a round nose pliers.

Step 3: Assemble Ornaments

Glue rings with a center hex nut, add crystal and the ornaments are all set!

Step 4: Glue Tree Top

It is easier to put together if you create smaller pieces first.

You'll be making:

  • 1/4" hex rings (12) and glue a gold hex nut on each
  • 1/8" hex rings (6) and glue a set of washers to each
  • Stacks of 3 washers (6)
  • Glue crystals into 3/4" hex nuts (7)

Once all the pieces have completely set it is time to put the whole thing together...

1. Glue 6 rings to the magnets and flip over. 
2. Glue the next 6 1/4" rings.
3. Glue 6 smaller rings.
4. Glue 3/4" hex nuts between arms.

Step 5: Prepare Tree

1. Saw off top of tree and drill 1/4" hole.

2. Screw in eye bolt at least an inch. 

Step 6: Attach Snowflake to the Eye Bolt

To attach assembled tree top to eye bolt:

1. Put the screw through the center of the magnet and eye of eye bolt.
2. Screw washer/nut on the back to secure the piece.
3. Attach three tiny magnets to the back of the final hex nut
4. Place last hex nut in center to cover the screw.
5. Enjoy!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Where in the world did you find 1/8" hex nuts? I can't find them anywhere!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    what kind of glue do you use?? that seems to be my biggest problem?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Superglue should be fine for the small ones, but for anything larger, try an epoxy. Hope it come out awesome!


    The ornaments are lighter than a lot of standard decorations, so I didn't have any branch pulling problems.

    If you are referring to the tree top decoration, the eye bolt in Step 5 allows for a crazy-heavy topper. It would have to be heavy enough to tip the tree to be a problem. This was about a 5 foot tree...I guess smaller than three feet could be an issue if it were very thin.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    My Mother had an MA in Fine Art. She told me when making Christmas Tree decorations to be sure and not make them so heavy that they pulled the branch down.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Congrats on your win. Well deserved. I will definitely do this next year.