Hexafish Rainbow Loom

Introduction: Hexafish Rainbow Loom

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need bands, hook, and peg thing.

Step 2: Pegs

You will want to take the middle peg off and leave the other two on there. Like this.

Step 3: Pleaseing the Bands

Your going to put one band on the two pegs on the side. With the arrows facing you.

Step 4: The Beginning

Your going to get the one side of the band (the right most side) and pull it to the bottom left. An it should look like this (image three)

Step 5: Placing the Bands

The your going to get the last side of the band and pull it to the top right peg (pic 1and two) It should look like this (pic three)

Step 6: Placing the Bands

Then your going to make a square an put it on the top of the band u just did.

Step 7: Moving the Bands

Then your going to go under and grab the bottom band (mine is red) and pull it up and over the peg.

Step 8: Moving the Bands

You want to do the same thing to the other corners till it looks like this.

Step 9: Moving the Bands

Then u want to make another square and do the same thing pull the bottom band up and over the peg till it looks like it in image three.

Step 10: Makeing the Braslet

Then make another square and keep teething the steps.

Step 11:

When it starts looking like this.....

Step 12:

Pull it down every now and again. And just lee doing the same steps.

Step 13:

Keep going and don't forget to pull every now and again.

Step 14:

Should be about this long.

Step 15: Adding the C Clamp

A C clamp normaly dose a better job than a S clamp.

Step 16: Adding the C Clamp

Take the bad on the berry bottom and hook it.

Step 17:

Then hook all the corner bands on the c clamp.

Step 18: Finish

All done if you have any ? Just ask :)

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    8 years ago

    It's not called a hexafish it's called a 4 pin fishtail


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome and simple to follow! Turns out great :)


    9 years ago

    If anyone has any ? Just ask first instructable :) thanks hope it worked out for y'all