Introduction: Hexagon Shelf

Hexagon shelf

Today you will be learning to make a hexagon shelf. The tools you will need are:

-Oak hard wood or any wood you want

-wood glue

-Wood spines

-a angle saw

-table saw

-bungee hooks

-sand paper

Before you want to start you will want to go over safety instruction: -weir goggles -keep your fingers away from the blade, recommend the size of a grapefruit - keep hair away from machine so it doesn't get caught, recommend put hair up -keep loose clothing and bracelets and necklaces away from machine

Step 1:

First you will want to get a long piece of wood the you are going to measure out 6 rectangles to the size you want. Then you will want to cut out the pieces in the wood any size you want.

Step 2:

Once you are done with cutting out the wood you will want to cut each side in a diagonal way. Using the angle saw to a 30º angle the cut the sides.

Step 3:

Then you want to glue all the sides and put them all together, then you might want to get another person to. Then you will want to use bungee hooks to wrap it around to keep the wood from moving.

Step 4:

Then once the glue is all dry you will want to cut lines into the corners of the hexagon for the spines. For this part I decided to make something that could help me cut the spines for this project.

Step 5:

I didn't finish the rest because I ran out of time so I don't have anymore pictures sorry but I still put the steps that I will do

Once you cut out the lines in the corner and then you will want to put the spines in that space and glue it in their so it will stick together.

Step 6:

Once the glue is dry you will want to cut the exact part of the spine off then sand it. The you will want to sand all the corners and sides.

Step 7:

Then at the end you can paint or stain or do anything you want to decorate it with

Step 8:

by:Hailey Barmore

Revised last: June ,2017