Introduction: Hexagonal Desk Organizer

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I'm going to college in a few days and I wanted to have some desk organization. I was inspired by the hexagonal shelves I've seen all over the internet. At first I wanted a completely hollow shelf, but it was too flimsily and the extra support adds more room for storage.


• Cardboard
• Ruler
• Scissors or Exato blade and cutting mat
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
• Acrylic paint of your choice
• Paint brushes
• Washi tape ( I used electrical tape)

Step 1: Cut Cardboard

Cut out a piece of cardboard that is 5 1/2" by 4" long. Use the first piece as a template when cutting out the rest. You will need a total of 12 pieces. I used a corrugated cardboard box that I got from ALDI.

Step 2: Paint and Tape

Okay now here's the fun part. You can chose your favorite colors or something in the same color palette as your room. I don't really care for pink but it is in my color palette as some of the other items I will be putting in my room.

I wanted the outside to be a different color than the inside so I painted each of the pieces one side Caribbean blue and the other juicy melon. Yeah don't do that if you want the inside to be different than the outside. I only needed to paint six of the pieces half blue and half pink and the rest solid pink. The six blue ones will make up the outer edges and the pink ones will be the center structure. I have to do two coats of pink paint to make it opaque. In hindsight I should have base painted the side with the the lettering white, and then paint it pink.

Once their all dry, use the washi tape to decorate the edges. It helps to give it a nice clean edge. I did this with electrical tape because I didn't like any of the tape I had, plus it made the colors pop.

Step 3: Glue and Done!

Now lay out the the outside pieces in a hexagonal shape, just to get them out of the way. Take two of the inside pieces and glue them into a triangle with one of the outside pieces. Always make sure the panels on the out side are facing the correct way. I used masking tape to hold some of the pieces together while I glued the edges. After it was all done I went back and painted the blue insides with a white base coat and then painted them pink. The paint that spilled onto the tape I just cleaned up with a damp towel.

I don't even like pink that much. It just happened to be in my accidental color palette. Now that it's done I will probably leave it on my desk instead of hanging it on the wall to store my extra pens, pencils, and other supplies.

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