Introduction: Hexagonal Gift Box

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There was a cute box that I once saw on the internet. But they were charging too much for it and the "just-make-it-yourself" voice in my head, didn't let me buy it :D ... Here! I finally made it!

Basically its a gift box, that has multiple boxes inside! And it doesn't have to be "gifted" to someone... you may use it as a cute storage box!


  1. A total of six A4 sheets [of paper / cardstock] of your choice of color and texture.
  2. cutter / craft knife
  3. Glue
  4. Decorative items of your choice and taste. I used a punch to get those leaves. Much could have been done. But I was running out of time!
  5. A ribbon or string

Step 1: Print the Patterns Provided

I had to draft the patterns when making this box. Hence repeating it 4 times was tedious and precision was nowhere to be seen. Hence I have made the patterns on cad. All you have to do, is to print them on your choice of paper / cardstock.
The patterns were made by me after improvising and correcting the errors that happened when I made the gift box shown in the pictures. Hence your final product will be better and much more precise than what I have made here!

Please note: the pattern for "holder" has to be printed "full bleed". Do not print on "fit to paper" settings for any of the patterns... go for actual size...

Step 2: Cut Out the Continuous Lines and Score the Dotted Lines

The title is quite self explanatory.. just cut out the continuous lines and score and fold along the dotted lines. If you are using a regular thin paper, scoring wouldn't be necessary, though it makes folding easier and neat.

Step 3: Apply Glue on the Tabs and Stick Them

That's it... nothing complicated!

do that for all the four boxes.

Step 4: Repeat the Above Steps for Lid and Holder

Again, cut, score, fold and stick the tabs for the lid [no sticking in case of holder]...

Step 5: Decorate....

Time to decorate! I used the leaf-shaped punch that I have to get these leaves and stuck them on the faces. I couldn’t do much due to time constraints. But imagination is your limit. Go ahead and show your creativity and customize them as per your taste!

Step 6: Sticking the Boxes...

Now stick / glue the boxes onto the holder... you can clearly see the hatched areas in the pattern, where these boxes are to be stuck.

Step 7: The Final Step!

Close it off with the lid and tie up with a ribbon / string! You are done!

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