Introduction: Hexbug Spider Whisker Sensors/ My First Instructable

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My youngest son has a bunch of these Hex bugs (and got a bunch more for Christmas) and gave me one that I had repaired a broken leg on several times. I found but there wasn't any code and I just got an Arduino Uno for Christmas but no Ultrasonic Sensor. I decided to make whisker sensors/switches for my hex bug. 

Arduino Uno
wire (to extend the motor wires)
guitar string (or suitable substitute that is springy) 
2x 10k resistors 
I clipped the leads off of a diode for the vertical post (improvise as needed)
soldiering iron

Step 1: Motor Connections is what I used as my reference. On my unit the black wires I used as ground, the white wires I used for the digital outputs. As Creagon did, I extended the wires from the motors. I taped the Uno and feeler board to the top of the hex bug. I found the "forward" motor is the one on the left while looking at the off/a/b switch. I removed the IR sensor and control board. 

Step 2: CODE

const int ledPin = 13; //built in led
const int bumpLeft = 2; //bump switch left
const int bumpRight = 4; //right switch pin
const int servoFw = 10; //forward movement motor
const int servoTrn = 8; //turning motor

int pbLeft = 0; //var for right
int pbRight = 0; //var for left

void setup() {
  pinMode (bumpLeft, INPUT);
  pinMode (bumpRight, INPUT);
  pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (servoFw, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (servoTrn, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  forward(); //start forward
  //test switch
  pbLeft = digitalRead(bumpLeft);
  pbRight = digitalRead(bumpRight);

  //show LED indicator

  //if left hit
  if (pbLeft == HIGH) {

  //if right hit
  if (pbRight == HIGH) {

  //Motion routines
  void forward() {
    digitalWrite (servoFw, HIGH);
    digitalWrite (servoTrn, LOW);

  void reverse() {
    digitalWrite(servoFw, LOW);
    digitalWrite (servoTrn, HIGH);

  void turnRight() {
    digitalWrite(servoFw, LOW);
    digitalWrite(servoTrn, HIGH);

  void turnLeft() {
   digitalWrite(servoFw, LOW);
   digitalWrite(servoTrn, HIGH);

  void showLED() {
    //show led if bumper hit
    if (pbRight == HIGH || pbLeft == HIGH) {
    //turn led on
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
  else {
  //turn LED off
  digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

Step 3: Final Words

I will probably redue this "ible" but for now here it is, any ?'s I will try to answer.