Introduction: Hexbug Train

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Convert your hexbug nano into a miniature rail engine.

You can create a miniature railway diorama in no time with stuff around.

You can carry this around in a matchbox too!

Step 1: Materials

  1. Hexbug nano
  2. Paper cutter
  3. Thermocol
  4. Card paper (half the size of a visiting card)
  5. Colored bits of paper/paint
  6. Black marker pen
  7. Tray/plastic lid (for the track layout)
  8. Plasticine clay to make the tunnel(optional)
  9. Pebbles and gravel
  10. Glue

Step 2: Engine

Using 2 thermocol bits, let's fill the tail and extend the head ends of the hexbug.

The tail is ridged so we need to fill those and the engine nose to be curved, a bit attached as shown.

Using glue fix the two thermocol bits and allow it to dry.

Step 3: Engine Body

Using the paper cutter slice off extra bits and give the protruded look in the front.

At the tail end, make sure the battery screw is exposed so the batteries can be replaced easily.

Take 2 rectangular pieces (side panels) of card paper and glue them on the roof edge and the thermocol ends leaving the legs free.

Paint the body or use colored paper of your choice for better finishing.

I have painted it blue and used yellow bits of paper to give the look.

Add finer details using a fine marker pen. Punch out wheels and stick them appropriately.

Make sure there is plenty of ground distance for the hexbug legs and the engine body.

You can leave the roof untouched except for the cabin part to allow the glow-feature to be retained.

Now your miniature railway engine is ready for test run.

Step 4: Track Layout

You can run your engine in any track where it runs smoothy.

I have used a plastic lid with a circular ridge which our train engine follows pretty well.

Give a trial run before you actually build this diorama on your selected lid/tray.

One can make a tunnel using plasticine over the track on which gravel can be pressed.

Add other details using pebbles, plants, and other miniatures to customize the diorama.

Happy railroading.

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