Introduction: HiDDen

This instructable is to give you an original idea of a very good place to hide stuff for protect them of your parents, brothers, room's mate, whoever...

This is also about recycling, I used a really old hard drive(80Gb). And its so useful for hidding little stuff.

Step 1: Disassembling

You need a special screwdriver for the hexagonal screw. But you can take them out with some brute force or intelligence. You need to be very carefull when you pull appart the sticker to remove the screw, because you want it to look as manipulated.

Step 2: Hidding

You could remove the disk and all the electronic stuff, but it is worthless if you want to hide money or other little stuff.

Step 3: Put the Screws Back In

After that stick the HDD's sticker as well as you can.

Step 4: Hide the HDD

The best place that I've though is on my PC because nobody will dismount the cover on my PC and obviously won't dismount a hard driver(especially old parents).

Step 5: Be Safe!

I think that no one would notice, especially if you connect the HDD to random cables(you should dissconect the electrics part if you are going to do that) but with the all cables of the power supply you can't really get noticed.

It would work great in a premade PC tower of a comercial brand(like the one above).

If you liked I hope you vote me and keep your stuff safe!

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