Introduction: Hibachi Tealight Holder

Originally designed by Yu Ito ( for Flat Packables (
The original item was for sale on Etsy, but is no longer available. I contacted the designer and received permission to publish this remastering of the original design.

This flat-pack tea light holder is suitable for a standard tea light (38mm diam, 16mm height).

It can be laser cut from MDF, bamboo, acrylic etc.

If you cut it in MDF or bamboo, you may wish to sand the burn edges to create the minimalist design effect of the original. I found that the burnt laser cuts added too many "edges" and lines to the object.

The current design is for 3mm material. If you cut it in 5mm material, you may need to file the cut edges to allow the last piece to fit. However, this ensures a snug fit that keeps the pieces together.

The SVG file contains 1 image set optimised for cutting, as well as another set fully editable and complete, so that you can make adjustments to shape, slot dimensions etc.