Introduction: DIY Hibiscus Hair Care

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In this instructable I'll show you how to make hibiscus oil, shampoo and conditioner in few easy steps. My mom used to make hibiscus oil and conditioner occasionally but I've never used them until now. The home remedies contest has finally inspired me to try out my moms hibiscus home remedies. I was also happy to use my great grandfathers stone mortar and pestle, it was fun!

*I'm writing this after 2 weeks! I had to experiment the hibiscus home remedies I made and wanted to show everyone the difference! I used the hibiscus hair remedies after every 2 days for 2 weeks. I've attached pictures of my hair before and after 2 weeks. You might not be able to see or understand some differences in the picture, such as- softness. My hair is more silky, soft and hair fall has reduced. So, don't worry, give it a try, feel the difference and keep your hair happy :D

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these Hibiscus Home remedies for hair you'll need:

For the oil:
1) Hibiscus flower,                4)Small pot (for boiling oil),
2) Hibiscus leaves,        5) Clean bottles or containers.
3) Coconut oil,              6) Stone mortar and pestle

For the Shampoo
Hibiscus flower,               4) Olive oil,
2) Hibiscus leaves,              5) Stone mortar and pestle
3) Water,                            6) Clean bottles or containers.

For the Conditioner
1) Hibiscus flower,              4) Clean bottles or containers.
2) Water             
3) Stone mortar and pestle,

Before starting to make any of these home remedies wash the flowers and leaves and make sure there's no dirt on them.

You can blend the petals and leaves to make a fine paste but in that case you'll need lots of hibiscus flowers, which is quite difficult. If you want to make a fine paste use dried hibiscus powder.

Or, simply crush the flowers and mix it with a small amount of water. Leave the mixture for a while (10-15 minutes) and then apply it on the scalp (shampoo and conditioner). Both methods work. 

Step 2: Hibiscus Hair Oil

To make hibiscus hair oil you'll need - hibiscus flower (2-3), hibiscus leaves(2-3) and coconut oil (1/2 cup).

How to make:
First, crush the hibiscus flower (petals) and leaves using the mortar and pestle. 
Take a small pot and add 1/2 of coconut oil (or as much as you want).
Now add the crushed flower petals and leaves to the oil and boil them for 4-5 minutes.
Allow the oil to cool down.

How to use:
After the oil cools down you can simply apply the hibiscus oil on your scalp. Massage the oil gently on your scalp.
Wrap your hair with a towel and keep it for 10-15 minutes (at least).
And then, rinse the oil off with lukewarm water and your regular shampoo.

Step 3: Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

To make hibiscus hair shampoo you'll need - hibiscus flowers (2-3), hibiscus leaves (2-3), olive oil (few drops) and water (to make paste).

How to make:
Crush the hibiscus flower petals and leaves using the mortar and pestle,
take a small bowl and add the crushed flowers and leaves in it.
Add water to the crushed petals and leaves to make a paste.
Now add a few drops of olive oil.

How to use:
Gently apply this paste on your hair, from root to tip.
Keep it for 15 minutes,
Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Step 4: Hibiscus Hair Conditioner

To make hibiscus conditioner you'll need - hibiscus flower(3-4) and water (to make paste).

How to make:
Crush or blend the hibiscus flower petals,
take a small bowl and add the crushed flower in it.
Add some water to the crushed flowers and mix to make a paste.
*Don't add too much water, just a small amount to make a fine paste.

How to use:
Apply this paste on the scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.
After 24 hours use your regular shampoo and feel the difference.

Hibiscus home remedies are quite easy to make and they're really effective. If you're not allergic to hibiscus then use the hibiscus oil, shampoo and conditioner once a week to feel the difference, it repair damaged hair and brings extra shine to it. 


Step 5: Benefits

Some benefits of using hibiscus home remedies for hair are-

* Repairs damaged hair,
* Enhances hair growth and thickens hair,
* Covers premature gray hair,
* Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny,
* Discourages split ends,
* Prevents hair fall,
* Enhances hair color.

Hibiscus home remedies are great for hair care (and skin care too). But make sure to test if you're allergic to hibiscus, though hibiscus is considered to have less side effects.

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