Introduction: Hibiscus Flower Loom Charm

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A beautiful charm made by loom bands
a pinch of big heart(as it takes many bands)
A lot of effort
And some madness and fun

Step 1: Things Needed

You will need
A loom
A hook
Some bands
S or c clip

Step 2: Placing Bands

Place a band facing forward and one more infront of it

Step 3: Placing Bands

Afterthat place a 3 bands to the right

Step 4: Placing Bands

Then from the middle pegs line place bands facing up as the order of colours
And from the middle line to the right line as shown
After that go above from the right peg

Step 5: Cap Band

Place a cap band on the peg on the right line at the end like this in the pic above
After that turn your loom 90 degrees around

Step 6: Lets Get Hooking

Start hooking from the cap band to the front peg then above that aswell
Later to the middle peg line
Then go up the middle peg line then to the to the right peg line and next go up up and way

Step 7: Taking Off

Enter the hook like this as the pic as above and stretch it to add the s clip remember s clip should hold all the rubber bands there

Step 8: Repeating

Repeat thesesteps and make five petals
Be careful do not add a new cap band instead of it use the cap band you used for the previous petal like this in the the picture

Step 9: Voila Your'e Done

You have made your charm charm congratulations
Now dont forget to comment share abd make it your fave