Introduction: Hidden Blade

A working Assassins creed hidden blade


1 hidden blade

1 spool of double-sided velcro


1 wrist cover

Step 1: Add the Hidden Blade to the Brace

while adding the blade to the brace place it in the middle and hot glue it to the brace

Step 2: Dill a Hole in the Mechanism and Feed a String Through It

After feeding the string through the hole you drilled. after you feed the string through attaching a button to it so if you pull on the string the button pushes the button.

Step 3: After Doing This Feed Velcro Throw the Slots on the Sides

this will go around your forearm

Step 4: Now Attach It to Your Forearm and Add a Middle Velcro Strap

Step 5: And Now Your Done

some of the problems are it won't pull all the time

and it will shake a bit

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