Introduction: Hidden Blade, Upgrade #1 Better Straps

OK so i realizd that vlcro shit is crap, so i needed a btter way to fasten the bolade to my arm, i used 2 belts, some fake sugru (Bought it at the hardware store), some pliers, and a drill with a 3/16ths bit. And a vice, thats optional but i used my Craftsman

All around blts make great fastening devices due to there length and strength.

Step 1: Measure Your Arm

Measure at the forearm and wrist, and cut the belt with 3 inches of slack.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill 5 holes 2 inchs from the end of your belts.

Step 3: Prepare to Attach

Sand the belts on one side and open your Sugru

Step 4: Attach

Put the Sugru on the bases of the metal plate and put the sanded part of th belts on that, Apply firm pressure(or if your like me, put it in your vice (Mines craftsman!) and squeeze the crap out of it). let it dry!

Step 5: Use It!!!

NO BAD IDEA a xiphoid is dangrous do not REALLY use it lmao.

HAHA good reader, youve made it this far, so you get a hint, im working on a "Pistol" for the blade (much like AC i will be upgrading it) it shoots bb's!!! its pretty cool, just need to incorporate it into the blade design

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