Introduction: Hidden Easter Eggs Card

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Time for the Easter egg hunt! They aren't hidden that well, but what would be the fun in that? They are just too cute to hide away!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you need to make one of these cards yourself.


  • Green Paper
  • Other colored papers of choice (I used pastel pink, green, yellow, blue and purple)
  • White Paper
  • Blank Greeting Card or cut out your own
  • Glue and/or Sticky Squares (I used both)
  • Silhouette Machine from Silhouette America
  • File (attached zipped up cause I can't attach it straight)

Step 2: Designing - the Background

This is the boring part, creating the card.

I'll give you the gist.  Please ask if you have questions!

I created some grass and then copy, pasted, and welded them together to make it stretch the length of the card.

I figured out how many I would need and how far I would need to stretch the bottom so you wouldn't see the white behind, you will see this later when the card is assembled.

Cut them out in green paper.  I used the Patterned Paper Preset but put the speed down to 1.  Make sure your blade is clean.  I cut this out and then it was all messy so I cleaned the blade area and that really helped.  Makes a big difference.

PS: I used al lot of the Modify features with the project including Weld, Subtract, and Crop.  Just plan around.  I always try something and if didn't turn out the way I wanted, I undo and try again!

Step 3: Designing - the Eggs

Egg time!  You can use the ones I created or create your own.  Here are the basics.

I wanted them to be fun and debated cutting out all kinds of little strips of paper and circles in different colors and then assembling all the eggs carefully, but that would take FOREVER!  So I came up with this!

Start with two ovals that are near each other in size, one just slightly smaller.

Create a design you want over the top of the smaller egg.  Once you are ready, make sure you bring the egg shape to the front and Subtract.  

With your subtracted design, make sure it will fit inside the bigger egg.  You can stretch your design until it is the size you want.  You have your egg!

For the eggs, you will need to cut the design part out in white and then just cut out the outside size oval out in color.  Make sure if you resize the egg, you have the right size plain oval to go with it.

Let me know if you have questions, I just kept taking screen shots as I went.  I tend to use al lot of the shapes that came with the cameo program and alter them to fit my needs, but you can go from scratch too.

Again, I used the Patterned Paper Preset but put the speed down to 1 for the white designs since they were small.  I just used the regular Pattern Paper Preset for the colored ovals cause they are very basic.

Step 4: Grassy Background

Put it together!

You can just put the grass on or you can plan it out more.  I wanted it to be like I designed it so I measured before pasting the grass down.  The smallest piece was pasted down about 1/4 an inch from the bottom and the second smallest (which is just barely smaller than the largest) was 1 3/4 inches up from the bottom.

Now you can put them on how you want, but I would advise making sure the white does not show through as you can see in Photo 3 and 4.  The size grasses I have provided will work perfectly with the measurements i have given.

You can grive off the extra grass along the edges of the card if you want.  I left it for now, but will have to cut it to send it in an envelope.

When you paste it down, just paste down the bottom, don't glue the grass, otherwise you can't hide the eggs!

Step 5: Hiding Eggs

Time to assemble the eggs!  Just glue the white pieces onto your egg pieces.  I ended up doing two of each design and 2 of each color.

Once they are ready, hide them!  I first just put them around the card and decided where I wanted them all, then I picked them up one by one and pasted them down.  Since you left the grass free you can easily move the eggs around.

Step 6: Extras and You're Done

You are done!  I had extra eggs so I put a couple on the envelope and one on the inside.  Feel free to make more and fill the card with eggs :)  Like confetti but less messy!

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