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Introduction: Hidden Folder

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In My Instructable I am going to show You How to Make a Batch File That, When you open and enter the password to Will open your hidden folder, instead of using a fancy computer software.

Step 1: Things You Need

Well The Hidden folder isn't Going to Fall out of the sky is it, So here are the things we need to make the Folder.

-Notepad Text editor

-A windows computer (windows 7/8 Recommended)

Step 2: Lets Get Started!!!

Ok Lets Get Started!!!

1-Open Notepad

2-Paste The Following Code inside Notepad

@echo off
echo Type the correct password.


set/p "number="

if %number%==Enter password here GOTO Correct

if NOT %number%== Enter password here GOTO FAIL


Start 29137



echo Password incorrect!!!




3-Change the ''Enter Password here'' into your desired password.

4- Save as HF.bat (Don't forget to add the .bat extension) on Desktop an hide it just like in step 6

5-Create a folder named 29137 In Desktop

6-Go into the properties of the 29137 and select the box that says To make the folder hidden.

7-Open notepad again and paste the following code in:

@echo off

Start HF.bat

8-and save as Start.bat on desktop

9-Make sure that folder 29137 and HF.bat and start.bat are always in the same place.(eg. the same folder/place)

10-Continue To the Next Step.

Step 3: Finish

Now you Can place the stuff you don't want anybody to see in the hidden password protected folder you made.

However Somebody that has used batch programming could hack in and find your password for your folder.

The premade folder locker/hider is available for download bellow.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Well, maybe for a novice it might work.

    Hidden files and folders used to be a problem back in the DOS days.

    Now all you have to do is use the windows file explorer, change a setting and peek a boo , they are all displayed.

    In the menu bar at the top, (and if that doesn't show up hit the alt key and it will appear) go to tools. Drop down the menu and pick folder options. A new box opens up. Click the view tab. and there is a setting for show hidden files and folders. Put the check in the box and for now on all those files will be visible in every explorer that you open up, whatever drive you want to see.

    If you really want to hide something use the program from Acronis that allows you to hide a partition. It will make it so the windows system can't find it much less view it. In order to see and use the hidden partition you have to go into Acronis and unhide it.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That may be true, But, If you really wanted something hidden you'd shove it on a USB stick and put the stick in a Safe....