Hidden Hanger Pockets



Introduction: Hidden Hanger Pockets

Thinking of a hiding places that others might not have thought of is definitely difficult.

This is what I came up with. This pocket style hanger is designed to fit over a average sized coat hanger and is easily hidden underneath clothes in the wardrobe.

Change of the pockets depending on what you want to stash. Mine will comfortably hold passports, money and phones.

Step 1: Materials

- Fabric

- Fabric Scissors

- Pins

- 3 Zippers - approx. 18 cm

- Sewing Machine

- Zipper foot

- Coat Hanger

Step 2: Template

Piece A - 21cm x 50cm

Piece B - 21cm x 20cm

Piece C - 21cm x 10cm - x3

Zipper tabs - 4cm x 3cm - x6

Step 3: Cut Out the Pieces

Pin the templates onto the fabric and cut them out

In the end you should have:

- 1x piece A

- 1x piece B

- 3x piece C

- 6x zipper tabs

Step 4: Zippers

Fold over one short edge of each zipper tab, approx. 1 cm

Pin the folded edge onto the end of the zipper, as shown above

Sew onto a zipper using straight stitch

Repeat with remaining 6 tabs

Step 5: Zig Zag

Zig zag the edges of the pocket pieces:

On piece B zig zag one long side

On two pieces of C zig zag both long sides

On the third piece C only zig zag one side

Step 6: Iron

Fold the zig zag edges over 1 cm on each piece and iron

Step 7: Sew on the Zippers

To create the pockets place your pieces on to the zippers as follows:

Piece B, zipper, Piece C, zipper, Piece C, zipper, Piece C (as shown above)

Pin them in place

Using the zipper foot as a guide, sew along the edge of the zipper on both sides.

Trim the edges to neaten.

Step 8: Sew on the Velcro

Cut a strip of velcro to the length of your choice

Pin the loopy side to one end of piece A and sew it in place using straight stitch (as shown above)

Pin the soft side to the opposite end of piece A and sew it in place using straight stitch (as shown above)

Step 9: Sew It Together

Place the piece with the zips on top of piece A, making sure they are right sides together.

Sew around the edge, leaving a gap on one side

Step 10: Cut the Corners and Turn It Inside Out

Cut the corners of the fabric and turn it inside out through the gap

Step 11: Sew the Hole

Fold the edges of the gap in and pin in place

Sew along the edge to close it

Step 12: Sew the Pockets

To create the pockets stitch along the top of the two lower zippers (green and yellow zipper, red and green zipper)

Make sure that you reverse stitch at the beginning and end so that your pockets are secure.

Step 13: Iron

Iron your work.

Step 14: Hang

Use the velcro to secure your Hidden Hanger Pockets to a coat hanger.

Step 15:

Hang a piece of clothing over your Hidden Hanger Pockets.

Store your valuables out of site.

Step 16: Other Uses

As an extra bonus you can even turn this product into a bag by simply adding a strap

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