Introduction: Hidden Key Soap

Burglar breaks into your house. What does he think to grab? TV? Wallets? Electronics? Surely every valuable thing is in the living quarters. Why would he go to the bathroom? There's nothing valuable in it. Right? Wrong, near the sink is a little object commonly mistaken for unimportant. It's soap. What person would ever steal soap. Not much can fit in. So why not hide a key. The burglar wouldn't know it's in there. The key could be to a safe that has money, important documents, or heirlooms.

This hiding spot is perfect for hiding small items. Where no one would expect them.

Step 1: Materials

What You Need:

Unscented Soap

Blue Dye

Mold (I used seashells)


Measuring Cup

Fragrance Scent

Key of Your Choice

Step 2: Melting Soap

Cut the needed amount soap and put it in the microwave. Set the microwave at increments of 30 seconds until the soap is melted.

Warning: If soap is too hot it will ruin the mold.

Step 3: Coloring and Scenting

Add dye of any color. If you use transparent soap make to add enough dye to make it opaque. There is opaque white soap available. Add scent with the coloring. There are many different fragrances, so chose one you like. I used leftover Blueberry Jam.

Step 4: Setting the Soap

Pour the soap in the mold. Let it sit in room temperature for at least 30 minutes. To speed this up you can put in the fridge for ten minutes.

Step 5: Putting the Key in the Soap

Put the key where you want it. Add the other soap and cover the key. I chose white soap for a more appealing design.

Step 6: Finished Product

After solidifying, the soap can be put by the sink. The key will be hidden and nowhere in sight. After all, who would steal a bar of soap.

Step 7: Needing the Key

To get the key, you can continue using the soap and get the key overtime or to speed up the process put in the microwave.

Warming: The key is metal and precautionary measures should be used if put in the microwave.

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