Introduction: Hidden Keyboard

Convert your everyday key board into a hiding place for your money and other valuables.

Step 1: Get a Keyboard

First take any keyboard from around your house.

Step 2: Look at the Back

Turn your keyboard over so that the keys are facing down and you are looking at the back side of the keyboard.

Step 3: Take Off the Back

Get a philips screw driver and take out all the screws from the back.

Step 4: Open the Keyboard

Split the keyboard open. (You may need to pry it open with a screw driver)

Step 5: Make Room

Get pliers to breakout the plastic supports on the inside behind the silver piece.

Step 6: Hide Your Stuff

Store your money and valuables in the empty spaces.

Step 7: Put the Back On

Put the back back on and get ready to screw back on.

Step 8: Screw It Back Together

Once you got everything snapped back into place put all the screws back in.

Step 9: Ready to Use

Once your keyboard is put back together you could plug it back in and use it as normal. But now no one knows it is also a hidden compartment.