Hidden Message Lamp




Introduction: Hidden Message Lamp

Here is an easy way to add new life to an old lamp by adding a secret message.

First remove the lamp shade off of your lamp. Most lamp shades come off easily by unscrewing the top. Now get ready for some fun!

If you have a vinyl cutter you can print up any design or image that you like. Just make sure to mirror the text so that it shows up right. Then simply stick it on the inside of the lamp shade for a romantic glowing effect.

Don't have a vinyl cutter? No problem. You can also glue rhinestones to make a personalized message. It'll look great in a baby room or master bedroom.

Here is another fun idea, try using yarn to form your message. I used my favorite color red to spell love. It is important to rember to write you message backwards.

Get creative and have some fun. Writing love notes doesn't have to be boring!

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    8 years ago

    what a great idea! I'm going to surprise my wife today.