Hidden Money for Emergency




Introduction: Hidden Money for Emergency

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When you need an extra money too buy something or when you need money when you lost your wallet this project will save you !!

Step 1: Need to Find a Shoes Where You Will Put the Hidden Money

First you need to find a a shoes that you always used in your work/school or any kind of activities that wore a shoes.

Step 2: Materials for This Project

Number 1 material is the shoes where you will hide your money

Number 2 Money

Number 3 Tape

Number 4 plastic bag

Step 3: Putting the Money Inside the Plastic

First you need to fold the money in half so that it can fit on your shoe

Second is need to put the money inside the plastic to make it waterproof and to make it durable

Step 4: Folding of Plastoc

Third step is to fold the plastic in the same size of the money

Step 5: Sealing

Now you will need to apply the tape so that it can seal the plastic to protect the money inside of it

Step 6: Removing the Insole

Now after you sealed the plastic you need to remove the insole of the shoes that you chose, so that you can put the money inside the shoes. but make you fit it well so that when you wear that it wont irritate your foot while you are walking .

Step 7: Covering

Now the final step is to cover the money inside the shoes by placing the insole again inside , but make sure that the money inside is not visible by other when they saw your shoes when you didn't wore it .

Step 8: Final

Now try to use the shoes to test it .

Step 9: Advantage of Using This Project

When you lost your money or wallet when you're in the office/school you have an extra money for food or for fare for the taxi.

When you're on the school/work and you forget your money in the house and you dont have money in your pocket to buy something . This project will save you there brother !!

When you need to buy something on the store and you dont have enough money to buy this one will save you brother !!

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4 years ago

Hey rheeyoo, that's a good idea.



Reply 4 years ago

that one really works on me :) since Elementary days to now in my college :)


4 years ago

That's a good hiding spot :)


Reply 4 years ago

Yes Sir . Im doing this since Elementary days until now in my College