Introduction: Hidden Phone Handkerchief

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Hello and thank you for checking out my latest invention, The Hidden Phone Handkerchief! Have you ever wanted to take a picture or video at a fancy event or party, but didn't want to be seen with your phone out? If so, then this project is for you! This Instructible will show you how to make a FREE phone case that replaces and replicates a handkerchief places in the chest pocket of a suit. It is the easiest way i know of to discretely take videos and pictures. So, without further ado, lets begin!

Step 1: Materialz

You will need: a cell phone, cardboard, paper, tissues, a pencil, a suit jacket, tape, scissors, and a ruler.

Step 2: Measurements

The first step is to take your phone and measure it. You will need to measure the dimensions of the front of the phone, the side of the phone, and the top of the phone. Then draw rectangles according to those dimensions on a piece of cardboard in order to make a box that your phone will fit in. You will also need to measure the camera location and size.

Step 3: Cut Out

Make sure the phone fits, then cut it out. On the face you are using for the screen, leave a little bit of uncut cardboard to ensure that the phone will not fall out of the case. You do not need any cardboard over the top of the phone, because this is how you will insert the phone into the case.

Step 4: Test

If the phone fits, then tape the case together. Make sure you can slide the phone in and out of the case easily and also make sure the camera can "see" out of the hole you have made for it.

Step 5: Measure the Difference

See how the new case fits in your suit pocket. If it goes down so far that the camera cannot "see" out of the pocket, then measure the difference between the height of the case, and the height it needs to be to "see" out of the pocket.

Step 6: Compensate

Take the difference in measure from step 5 and cut out enough cardboard strips to create a piece that tall. The pieces should be the same dimensions s the bottom of the case. Once you have enough, tape them all together to the bottom of the case. Now, test the case to make sure the camera can now "see" out of the case.

Step 7: Add Paper

Trace the outside of the case on to a piece of paper. Once you have, add a pointy bit to the top to make it look like a handkerchief. Then, cut it out, tape it to the back of the case, and cut out the camera hole.

Step 8: Wrap

Now, take your tissues and wrap the case in them to make it more realistic, as shown. Once again, make sure the camera works.

Step 9: Big Finish!

Here it is! The grand finale! Test your new Hidden Phone Handkerchief in your suit pocket to see if it works!

Step 10: You're Done!

Ok! If all went well you should have a working hidden phone handkerchief! Have fun with it at any fancy events you go to! Thank you for viewing, and please subscribe and favorite! Thanks!!! Bye!