Introduction: Hidden Room

In my house in TN, I added a secret room upstairs.

Step 1: Hidden Room Video

Here is a picture of the hidden room access in action.

Step 2: Disguise It!

In my loft, it looks like a dead end. The bookshelf on the far wall, however, will permit a person access if he knows the secret.

Step 3: The Secret Latch

The bookshelf is just that. Shelves with books. Except with hinges. One book specifically "Death by meeting" was chosen as the key. Why? Does it sound interesting to actually pick up and read? No, not really. My son picked out the book at Goodwill by simply matching up a piece of wood. The size was important. I kept the book jacket, ripped out all the pages, and glued the hard cover book to the piece of wood, Then slipped the jacked back on. This piece of wood was scored to resemble many pages. Then it was hook with fishing line to a simple gate latch when pressed or pulled. A little trial and error here.

Step 4: Cone of Silence

I don't think that the entryway could be added as square footage due to the sharp incline of the ceiling, but that wasn't my goal here. It was just fun project. Add drywall, plywood over the joists, electrical, carpet, and some paint. Of course, I am oversimplifying this last part, but you get the picture. The plan was for a retreat. We ended up putting an air hockey table instead of a pool table due to the limited height restriction. And a TV with a sectional. Time to rest....

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