Introduction: Hidden Shelf

So....I needed (wanted) a place to stash some, Oh I don't know, just something.

Step 1: Location

Location, location, location. Aren't studs supposed to be 16" apart on center? Mine were a little closer. Hence the narrow shelf width. Lots of insulation. And spiders.

Step 2: Frame & Paint

Frame it up. Start with a backboard. Then sides. Then top and bottom. Pretty simple with a tape measure. Stucco it, sand, and paint. Use orange peel to match the surface.

Step 3: Shelves

Add a couple of shelves. I used a nail gun with a compressor. Hinge selection?? Had to go with hidden hinges. You can get this on amazon. Widely used in kitchen cabinets. I prefer the soft close.

Step 4: Supports

Chose a frame. Mine was a simple beach scene, but it had a weak frame. So I had to reinforce it with an extra piece of wood, glue, and clamps. Next, using a forstner bit to countersink a hole for the hidden hinges. Screw in place.

Step 5: Finish It

Finish it. Screw in lateral supports and hinges into studs. Adjust it with a phillips screwdriver. Now, what do you want to hide in the secret compartment?

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