Introduction: Hidden Tablecloth Weights

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Tablecloth weights are a necessity for outdoor parties and events. Last thing you want is your tablecloth blowing up and landing in your artichoke dip. Windy or not a gust of wind can come out of nowhere and really cause havoc on your party. There are a tone of cute tablecloth weights you can buy in home good stores or online but the problem for me with those is they are too cute. I really don't want my tablecloth weights to be even noticeable nor a cute little ornament hanging off the table. Plus when it comes to spending money for a party, tablecloth weights wouldn't be high on the list for me. I would much rather spend my money on something that makes a bigger statement, like flowers.

These simple tablecloth weight are made out of washers and magnets. Paint the washer the color of your tablecloth and the magnet hides behind the back of the tablecloth, therefore you have an hidden or camouflaged tablecloth weight.


  • 1/2" flat zinc washers
  • spray paint to match tablecloths
  • 3/4" magnets

Step 1: Paint Washers

Set up your paint area in a well ventilated area. I like to set down freezer paper because it has a glossy side so it doesn't stick but just newspaper will work too.

Layout the 1/2" washers with the blank side up. Spray the top and sides of the washers. One coat was enough but add a second coat if needed.

Allow them to dry for at least 2 hours before moving. Then a total of 24 hours before using or stacking them. The first batch I made, I stacked them too soon and they stuck together, making them difficult to pull apart and it pulled off some of the paint.

Step 2: Attach Weights to Tablecloth

At each corner of the table, place the washer on the front side of the tablecloth and attach the magnet to the back side of the tablecloth. You end up with the tablecloth sandwiched between the washer and the magnet.

Repeat on each corner or four sides of a round tablecloth. You can add more along the sides as needed.

I hope these help at your next party and provide some weight to your tablecloths! Looking for more tips and ideas to simplify your party planning, please visit my website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help!

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