Introduction: Hidden Blade Concept

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Disclaimer: I apologise for the beautiful title image, its not my concept, mine is ugly and sketchy, run away while you can :D

It seems everyone is making hidden blades that just slide out, or blades which retract on impact...

I think spring loaded ones like those in assassin's creed 2 are cooler.

Sadly, I do not have the materials or skills (maybe) to make a functional one, but I'm sure many of you can easily think up a way to make one and have the skills to bring it to life...

This is what I would do if I had to make a hidden blade.
I want to, but nope, suck at metalwork...

Please play along and check out how my idea goes, I think it's feasible although the one in assassin's creed 2 is probably way more complex.

Hoping someone makes a functional one, cos its cool to know that something like that exists.

Step 1: Explaining My Lousy Concept: Initial Lock

-The blade will rest on a rail inside a suitable container.
-It will be spring loaded and held in place with a latch (the spring type) which can be released by pulling a string, maybe attached to assassin's ring finger?

-Brown square is handle which is used to cock the blade back into place, assume that container has a slit along which handle slides when blade is sprung.

-Hole is for holding blade in place in secondary lock stage.

Step 2: Explaining My Lousy Concept: Secondary Lock

This is the side view and front of the "thing"

-There is a bolt which slides into the hole in the blade as it springs out from the initial lock position.
-Bolt is spring loaded too
-Supposed to hold the blade in place while stabbing?

-Bolt can be easily pushed back down and handle pulled back to return blade to the initial lock position. For the stealthy assassin to remain inconspicuous -___-

Hope my explanation makes up for the lousy pics.
Come on people I wanna see a fully functional hidden blade, why aren't the pros making these things, probably cos they don't play games XD

[Note]: Had a new idea about the bolt... Read On! :D

Step 3: Explaining My Lousy Concept: a Less Crappy Bolt

I was thinking, an assassin wouldn't have the time to stick his finger in and push the bolt back -.-
So I think this might be a better idea.

-The bolt resists the blade from sliding back in on impact, as seen in the picture.
-When the blade is to be retracted, the assassin turns the bolt 180degrees and pulls the handle back...

-With the shape of the bolt, it should slide back down by itself when the handle is pulled back (Probably)