Hidden Shot Spy Briefcase




Introduction: Hidden Shot Spy Briefcase

This instructable will show you how to create a spy briefcase with a secret airsoft shot that is remotely fired.  The airsoft gun remains un modified, so it doesn't lose power.  You are also able to take the gun out of the case to use or just to reload.


Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this instructable you will need:
  • a briefcase of some sort
  • an airsoft pistol 
  • double sided velcro
  • a small piece of scrap wood
  • about 4 feet of bike cable
  • crimpy thingys

Step 2: Line Up the Airsoft Gun and Drill a Hole

You will want to place the gun in the briefcase the way you want it pointing, and drill a hole through the side for the bb to pass through.  The hole should be just a hair larger than the barrel of the gun so that the barrel will stay in place in the hole.We positioned ours so that the trigger was closer to the handle so we could set up the trigger system more easily.

Clean up the hole after it is drilled so that it is as subtle as possible.

Step 3: Place the Velcro Straps and Wooden Block.

To hold the gun in place, we used velcro straps attached to the interior of the briefcase.  this secures the gun, and allows us to remove the gun to go on a secret mission or reload the gun.  

To do this, use the double sided velcro and mark out where you want your straps.  You will want straps in a few directions to minimize movement in all directions.  You must first mark where you want to place the straps.  Then in about the middle of the strap, hot glue it to the briefcase interior.  Make sure to test wether the strap goes all the way around the gun before gluing.  

To create the backstop gadget, you will need a piece of scrap wood and something to cut it with.  Simply cut it to a small size that will fit behind the butt of the gun and will prevent it from sliding backwards.  Then place the gun where it will be strapped in, and mark the location of the block.  Then glue it down.  Simple.

Step 4: Set Up the Remote Trigger Mechanism

Before we create our system, w need to drill three holes, and place two eye bolts.  The first two holes will be along the side opposite the barrel of the gun, as shown.  It doesn't matter where along the edge they are, but they are designed to make the bike cable flow more easily to the outside of the briefcase.  after you drill the holes, make sure to cut down the eye bolts so that they are just long enough to stick through the briefcase and twist into a nut.  Once these are placed, you will also have to drill a hole to feed the cable through to the new trigger.  This location is up to you, but i recommend near the top where you will hold the briefcase.

For our trigger system, we used bike cables, eye bolts and crimp things.  We first created a loop of the bike cable that would go around the first eyehook so that it would stay still.  Then, we made a second loop further along that could be slipped over the trigger,  so that one could be used to continue the system. We then wove that through the first and second eye bolts along the side of the case.  After that, we took it through a crimper, out the hole in the top of the briefcase, through the key ring, and back into the hole and through the crimper.  We then crimped the two together, and tada!

We actually looped around the first eyebolt before we screwed it into place, but don't worry if you didn't...you can always uscrew it and screw it back in again.

Step 5: Enjoy!

This brifcase is not really helpful in true airsoft battles due to the lack of accuracy, but is still fun to have around for movies or short range missions.  Since it is abriefcase, you can also store important spy gear in it.  This is a fun prop and airsoft gun, but please be careful what you aim it at.

Check it out here:


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Did you know the CIA actually made a breifcase gun? I learned it off of deadliest warrior. But still, great build!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Quinn, i was looking at the instructable, and i cant see anyway for you to cock the gun after you fire it w/out opening the case. Care to explain?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well we designed this briefcase to be more of a one shot wonder, since it isn't really meant for accuracy. In order to cock the gun you do indeed need to take the gun out and strap it in again. this is also because we wanted to minimize the complexity of the design. However, you could easily replace a spring pistol with a co2 semi auto pistol, and then you could fire multiple shots.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5

    Thanks for embedding that, it wouldn't embed into the instructable for some reason.