Introduction: Hide Away Emergency Kit; Mountain Bike Application Included

This kit is perfect for storing emergency survival items in a secrect location. Zombie Apacolypse? Grab your Hide Away Emergency Kit from the hollow oak tree on your way to the bunker. Need to Evacuate Quickly? Don't worry about packing survival items, because all you have to do is dig up your Hide Away Emergency Kit that is buried below your bug-out location.

Step 1: Camouflage

First, you will want to camouflage your hide away storage box. The box I am using is a old school bus medical kit, but any tightly sealed container or box will work. You will want to paint the outside of the box with browns, greens, and blacks so that it will blend in with outside colors.

Step 2: Paracord Strap

Adding this "stylish" paracord sash to your box can serve you in several different ways.

1. When picking up your kit in an emergency situation, just throw it around your shoulder and keep going, allowing you to travel easier and faster.
2. When hiding your kit, the paracord can allow you to tie your kit into hiding locations (such as trees).
3. The paracord serves as an extra survival item.
4. The paracord is used to tie the kit to the mountain bike in our bonus step.

So, to attach your paracord strap, you will first need to drill four holes in the back of your box. These holes will be where your paracord connects to the box.

Next, use 3 different 5 ft long pecies of paracord and attach one end of these cords to 2 of the holes in the box.

Now, braid the three cords. When you get to the end, tie it to the other 2 holes on the box.

You now have your braided paracord strap to accessorize your emergency kit.

Step 3: Survival Items

Now that the outside is painted, it's time to put in your survival items. There are several different items that you can include.

My kit contains:
-Various Medical Bandages and Ointments
-A fishing kit that includes hooks, bobber, line, weights, and fake bait.
-Emergency Blanket
-Small Candle
-Waterproof Matches
-Fire Starter
-Mesh Bag
-2 Granola Bars
-One bag of Oatmeal

Other recommended survival items are but not limited to:

-water filter
-water purification tablets
-foil pouches of tuna
-can opener
-energy bars
-vaseline cotton balls
-aluminum foil
-hand-crank flashlight
-phone charger
-a pencil (or a pen)
-signaling mirror
-hand sanitizer
-toothbrush (break off the handle to save space)
-fingernail clippers
-a bar of soap
-fixed-blade survival knife
-pocket knife
-pepper or wasp spray
-suturing kit
-pain killers
-hand and body warmers
-medical tape
-medical gloves
-abdominal pads
-triangular bandages
-duct tape
-paper clips
-small elastic bands
-ziploc bags
-coins (for vending machines)

Step 4: Hiding Your Kit

Where you hide your kit depends on where you are. Rural and urban areas will provide you with different hiding places

In rural locations your best bet is to use natural features. Overhangs, caves, stumps, trees, and burial are recommended places.

In urban locations your ability to conceal your box depends on how well you know the habits of the population. Identify places that don’t get much traffic.

Also keep in mind sunlight and weather conditions when hiding your kit. Your kit should also be hidden on the path to a bug out location or near the location itself incase of evacuation situations.

There are endless possibilities for hiding places. Once you do find a place, don't forget to check on your emergency kit as often as possiable.

Step 5: BONUS: Mountain Bike Application

If you love to mountain bike, you may find yourself in a survival situation when a biking trip goes wrong. The hide away emergency kit was originally an idea for my mountain bike until I found other uses for it.

As a Mountain Bike Survival Kit, all you have to do is attach the kit to the front handlebars of your bike using the paracord strap.

You may also want to include extra items in your kit if planning to use it on your bicycle. These items can include:
-Maps of your riding location
-Eye protection
-Tire Levelers
-Extra Tube (If fits)
-Pump (If fits)
-Cycling Multi-tool
-Patch Kit

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