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About: still recovering from shoulder surgery 1/2/2014 i love to build everything and tinker with it all but dont know jack about any of it lol

The purpose of this instructable is to use wasted space . I built a new workbench in my garage/work space but still did not have enough room for all my tools to be easily accessible so I came up with the slide -n- hide
this is my first intstructable so please bear with me


tools needed for this project is as follows:

1/4 in drill bit for metal
measuring tape
pencil {of course}

materials needed :
one pack of drawer slides (you get 4 in the package )length will vary depending on your space
1 package of 1 1/2 in L brackets
2 shower door rollers
4 #6 x 1 1/2 flathead screws
2 flat washers to fit #6 screw
Allot of patients :>)


put the drawer slide into a vise and drill out the rivet that holds the roller onto the bracket
keep in mind that the roller has ball bearings inside and when it comes out those little suckers will go everywhere if you're not careful lol
I placed a hand broom under the roller to catch it (rather than taking a chance of drilling thru my finger )

mount the slide brackets onto the sides 1 1/2 inches from the back

Step 3
measure the width of you opening and subtract one inches and that should be the width of the board you need

Step 4

cut your board at the measurement you just came up with for width and the desired length

note : the opening I had was 27 inches long but I only cut my board at 21 inches leaving room for another project your board length will vary depending on what your needs are

Step 5

measure on your board 3 inches from the end you want in the back and mount the 2 shower rollers ( with the nut side towards the board ) the #6 x 1 1/2 flathead screws also mount the front rollers same method but  you need 2 small flat washers the will allow it to roll when tightened

Step 6

mount your board into your sliders (back rollers only as you want to mark your desired limit of the pull down )

Step 7

position your board to the desired spot you want it to stop and mark your side walls

Step 8

install you L brackets at the angle you want the board to stop

Step 9

install your board to see if everything works as desired

Step 10

now you can attach anything you like to the board
hope this helps someone
Total cost of this project around $10.00 includes wood for 2 HIDE-N-SLIDES
i used a scarp piece i had left over from another project
This would also work for under the bench as well
any question please feel free to ask and like I said this is my first instructable so please be gentle lol
and please excuse if i have set this up wrong

Thanks for looking


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    What a great idea. This could also be easily adapted to storing shoes. Much better than draws or racking. Thanks


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is genius! Thank you for posting a project that's relatively simple but has so much organizational potential.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I definitely could use this. My recycling yard sells the slides for cheap.

    Nostalgic Guy

    That is a really good idea, I wish I could do it but unfortunately I have a huge light running down the middle of my workshop ceiling which would kind of get in the way :-(
    Not too sure what is going on with your images, the first set seem OK but the ones in each step are a bit "odd" did you embed them?
    As a new author you really should check out this group you may get a bit of help with your images & maybe even win yourself a T shirt.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you
    this is not on the ceiling but rather over the bench where i have a shelves built above
    ill add an overall view as soon as possible

    thank you
    as far as the pics i just copied and pasted into it from my gallery . and i see that isnt the best thing to do now lol
    as far as the light goes i also had one in the middle i took it down . i am going to work on allternitive solution . which will be another instructable
    thanks for the kind words and help


    8 years ago on Introduction

    excellent first post! I may do something similar for my specialist tools I don't use as often!