Introduction: Hide a Chainsaw. Can You Spot Them?

see the 2 saws there? easy pickins for the scumbag thieves that break into my garage. yes..they'll probably first steal my mountain bike...but they can ride and carry a chainsaw in my city.

Step 1: Where Can I Hide?

sometimes hiding in plain site is the answer. other times you need to add a lil camouflage. or go to areas that you don't look... like high or low. I'm sort of using all 3. they'll take the cordless drills and rifle through the drawers looking for quick grab stuff. where can I hide? look in the 2nd picture and think where I can hide 2 chainsaws?

Step 2: Up High. by the Rafters

1st photo is before. 2nd shot is cleared the area. using a thin sheet of backing from a dresser to use as a front concealment.

Step 3: Hide and Conceal Equals Safe

1st pic shows the saw sitting there exposed. 2nd shows the lil sheet up and some scrap wood on the side with the lightbulb box on it. like the extra camo on the soldiers hide. 3rd picture taken back near front of garage. looking at that versus the saws sitting on the ground.... they're clearly hiding. or clearly not clear.
ps. for all the people who want to lecture me on putting locks and steel plates and alarms or a steel safe etc etc . those deter but if they want in they'll get in. period. and I have done that thanks . and this is the contest about hiding places.
happy hiding people.

Step 4:

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