Introduction: Hide and Go Peep

Every year I see these small chicks in the stores, so this year I decided to make some to sprinkle throughout the house! To make a more practical use of them, you can play a hot or cold scavenger hunt game with them. I would suggest making about ten of these chicks and hide them inside the house. Have your participants try to find each of the peeps. You can give them hints by telling them that they are "hot" if they are close to the chicks, or tell them that they are "cold" if they are walking away from the chick's location. 

Only a few materials are required: 
- Yellow pom poms
- Orange pipe cleaners
- Googley eyes
- Paper and crayons or orange and yellow paper
- Glue (Elmers worked well for me) 
- Scissors 

Step 1: How to Make the Chicks: Starting With the Bill

We will start by making the bill of the chick. This is done by cutting a diamond out of some orange paper (or some colored white paper) that can be folded in half to look like the bill of a chick. 

Step 2: Adding the Legs

With the orange pipecleaner, cut a small piece about the length of your finger. Fold the cut piece in half to make the two legs and then fold the ends again to make the feet. Glue the feet onto the back of a yellow pom pom. Wait until the glue is a little dry before you continue to the next step. 

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now put a glue face on the pom pom. This is where you will stick on the bill and googley eyes. 

Step 4: Wings

Cut out two symmetrical wings from the yellow paper and glue them to either side of the chick. Then hide your chicks throughout the house! Happy Spring!