Introduction: Hide in Food Container or Kitchen Container

My Equipment Details :

  1. Food Container / Kitchen Container
  2. Paper
  3. Scissor
  4. Gum
  5. Puffed Rice / Any Containable food like Rice, Suger etc...

Step 1: Take a Food or Kitchen Container

Step 2: Clean It's Outer Paper or Plastic

There may have some problem to clean some part

you can use a spoon to clean it up

Step 3: Take a Paper

Take a paper and rolled it and put it into the container

Resize it to 75% of the container's circle size

Step 4: Cut the Paper

Cut the paper according to the circle size

Step 5: Join the Paper Using Gum

Step 6: Cut the Folded Paper According to the Container's Size

Cut the folded paper to a smaller size of the container,

N.B: You can cut the paper before according to the hight of the container

Step 7: Take an Another Paper

Take another paper and put the folded paper on it and make a circle using pen and then make some 5 or 6 legs surround the circle

Step 8: Cut the Paper According to the Drawing

Step 9: Add the Legs to the Outside of the Folded Paper Body

Step 10: Take Some Dry Food or Uncooked Ingredient

Take some food like chips, rice, sugar, anything that can keep into the container

Step 11: Fill 5-8 % of the Container With the Ingredient

Here I used puffed rice as an ingredient

Step 12: Put the Folded Paper Into the Container

Put the paper to the center of the container's circle

Step 13: Fill the Outer Part of the Paper Using Your Ingredient (Puffed Rice)

Step 14: Now It's Ready to Use

You can keep money, precious things, secrete elements into it

Step 15: Here Is a Video of the Final Test

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