Introduction: Hiding Place in a Log

Have you ever lost your keys and been locked out of your house because of it? If so, then this secret hiding place will prevent that from ever happening again.

Step 1: Find a Log and Equipment Needed

*Power Drill
* 3/8" Drill Bit
* 3/8" Dowel
* Hand Saw
* Router
*Safety Glasses
*Rubber Mallet

Step 2: Drill 2 Holes

Drill two holes deep enough in the log in order for the two dowels to be able to reach about 3/4 through the log.

Step 3: Saw the Log in Half

Use a hand saw to cut your log in half horizontally making sure that the dowel holes remain face up.

Step 4: Insert the Dowels

With the log cut in half insert a 3/8" dowel into the bottom holes of the log. Use a rubber mallet to make sure that they are tight inside of it.

Step 5: Make a Compartment in the Log With a Router

Using a router, route a shallow compartment in the log making sure it is both deep enough and large enough for a key to fit in.

Step 6: Final Touches

Use a drill on the two holes on the opposite half of the log so that they are large enough that the dowels don't get stuck in them, but small enough so it requires some strength to pull them apart. Then put the two pieces together and flip the log so that the holes aren't visible. With that, you now have a convenient hiding place to hide your house key that only you know about.

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