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Introduction: Hiding Things Inside Tap

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Worked Hard to save money on your savings? And scared if someone gets it or wanted to hide keys of your cupboard which contains lots of valuable things. I bet, in your simple daily life, a situation arises when you want to hide something from someone or from everyone. If you also scrubbing your head to find the best place where you think your naughty siblings and friends aren't able to find them, then yes, you came to the right instructable.

Well, what will come first in your mind if I ask you "what is the best place to hide our valuable things"?

I know your mind has encountered the number of the place's to hide things. Now coming to the point, where I think to hide the thing is the place which seems simple and ordinary to people. Seekers always look at the place which seems unordinary or unique. After thinking for hours I came with an Idea to solve this issue, which is to hide your precise thing inside your Tap, Sounds crazy! right?

At first, it looks like a horrible idea to hide our things in tap, isn't it? But for now, the only thing I want to tell you is to read this whole instructable first, before deciding it's a bad idea or not.

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Step 1: Things Required for Hiding Things

This project is very simple, means fewer materials are required to complete this project. The thing which I used in this project can be easily found in our home. These are as follow:-


- A tap mounted on bathroom

- A Plastic bag

- Thread

Isn't it's a simple material list

Step 2: Testing

The polybags which we think are useless, are very useful. One of the characteristic due to which this is in our material list is its ability of waterproof and it's flexibility. Our precise thing is going to be protected by this thing. It will prevent our material to come in contact with water and also do not create a blockage for water in the tap.

We'll check our polybag to see if it's the right one for our project. To check though, we'll completely fill the polybag with water. Can you guess why? To be sure, there is no hole or leakage in the polybag. As if such a hole exists in it then it will no more protect your thing from the water.

So check for hole by completing filling the polybag with water. After that, check for any water drop-out like one in the picture above. If you see any water drop-out like that then there's a hole in your polybag. So go again and find a new one and test again. And if any polybag passes the test then leave it for drying.

Step 3: Tying Thread

Cut an 8cm thread and tie it to the polybag in the place where we carry it in our hand. Can you guess, For what we are tieing this thread to our polybag? Well, the simple answer is that we don't want the material inside the polybag to get flew away in the tap water and get stuck somewhere in the pipeline.

Step 4: Shaping Polybag

We're now ready to hide something in our tap but for that, we also require something to put it inside of it. I'm going to use the money for this purpose and yes, you can use put anything inside it until it's size isn't an issue.

But there is also a manner in which you need to put the thing inside it. For money, you have to fold it like a small rectangle but the thing like pen drive, keys, etc. then you just have to simply put it inside polybag, as we cannot fold it. Note you don't need to put the thing all the downside in polybag. Place it at a top side corner and start folding it to make a straight stick like shape. Now fold the extra polybag which is not in contact with the money on each other and fix that using a tape. Tie the carrying side of the polybag tightly two-three times and also join both strips to its adjacent side.

Step 5: Final Step

In this step, we just have to place our material inside the tap neck. Open the mouth of the tap using a plier. Align the polybag inside the tap slowly, keeping it near the outlet. So don't place it deep inside the tap neck. After when its aligned in the tap, roll the thread on the nut ring from top to bottom which is tied to the polybag. Place the mouth of the tap on it, keeping thread between the tap and its nut.

Cheer's, we completed our project. Now your precious thing is safe inside it. This place can be used for hiding can hardly be thought by the seeker.

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    5 years ago

    That idea might be useful in (cheap) hotels where you do not have many hiding spots (unknown to the hotel staff).


    Reply 5 years ago

    I'm glad to see you found it's a useful place in the hotel.