Introduction: Hiding Things in a Flip Flop?

Have you ever been taken from you? But what if you don't want to hiding your important stuff in your pocket? And no i'm not talking about hiding something in your shoe or your bag, because these are very common places for thieves to look. Im talking about hiding something in your Flip Flop! Now you might be thinking about how this is possible and if it is even able to hide anything bigger then paper and even be comfortable! Well it can! It is thick enough to fit a flash drive and not too thick to feel weird!

Step 1: Step One: Knowing Your Object!

The type of Flip Flop:

The type of Flip-flop we are going to be using in this demonstration would be a Sand N Sun Flip-flop for its thickness, style, and comfort.

Spot of object:

We are going to be making a cut in the back of the the flip-flop. Were the Flip-flop would lie on middle of your foot. This is so when you are wearing the Flip-flop you wont be uncomfortable and feel the object sticking your foot. This is the perfect spot!

Step 2: Step 2: the Type of Cut!

So now we know where the incision is going to be made but now what kind of incision is going to be made. We are going to find the exact thickness of the belt we are using to ensure when we make the cut we are not going to cut too deep. Okay so now we know the thickness of the belt we are going to cut the belt leaving 3 cm of space. We are also going to make the cut 4 inch form left to right. So with knowing how thick it is and how much we are leaving we can make the cut in the middle of the belt. A rectangle shaped cut form the buckle to the end with the end triangle. 4 inch's wide and we are going to be leaving 2 centimeters on each side form top to bottom. DONT THROW AWAY THE CUT OUT PART. Also when cutting out the piece you have to cut it out the top layer in one shot. We will be using this part to keep your things hidden.

Step 3: Step 3: Making the Cut Right

When making this cut we are going to have a few steps to making this right.

Step 4: Step 4: How to Keep Your Object in Place

First is we are going to make a small cut and into the flip flop all around to make the rectangle. Now with the cut made we are going to cut out the small flap made with the razor.

Step 5:

Now with the mall flap cut out we are going to cut a smaller rectangle inside the rectangle we made so when putting the flap back in we will be easer to keep your object of chose comfortable to step on.

Step 6:

With the the flap that we cut out, we are going to place the object into the flip-flop. The cover it using transparent tape. Then now your done. Have a happy life using this technique to keep your valuable safe!

Step 7:


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