Introduction: Hidralisk Skull Trophy

I love the Starcraft universe, Had a lot of fun playing all the games since it came out at 1998. When I played sc2, I loved the looks of the hidralisk skull at Joeyray's Bar. And I thought it`ll be great to have one at home. Years later, I started 3d printing with an ender 3, and I found out this recreation of the skull by "Hollywood 3D printing" And I knew I want mine....


3d printer

Wood board


Some paint

epoxy resin


Sanding paper

Protective gear, gloves, googles, mask.

Step 1: Learn to Model!

I didn't know how to model, so I watched several modelling tutorials at youtube, and started modelling the skull in my free time using Blender. First I started copying the original, but ended making my own version. When I was happy with the result, was time for printing. I wanted it to be very big. Maybe not as big as the real thing should be, but at least impressive when you saw it hanging on the wall.

Step 2: Print It!

Since the model was really big, I had to split it in seven diferent parts using Meshmixer. Sliced it wit Cura, and printed it with my ender 3 and artillery x1, using PETG and PLA, with the reels I had at home...

Step 3: Post Printing.

When I finished with the printing, I applied car putty by hand ( using gloves ), To fill the gaps, and disimulate the strings. I liked how it looked because it resembled bone, which was the objective...., gave it a rough sanding, didn´t want it to be very smooth, I was looking for that "organic" look. Later I gave it a layer of epoxy resin for strength and to disimulate the imperfections..

Step 4: Painting...

When the epoxy dryed, I applied a primer, and a layer of dark brown, using paint sprays..

Then was the time for dry brush painting with beige emanel. One used for painting radiators.... After four layers, it looked the way I wanted, but maybe too white and new, I wanted it to be darker, so finally I washed it with a light brown dye...

Step 5: Adding a Base...

I need the base to be more discreet than the original, so I cut a smaller one from a fir tree board, sanded it and applied varnish....

Step 6: Negotiate With Your Partner!

When I came home with it, I thought my wife would be as delighted as I was and help me to put it on the wall. Maybe unscork a bottle of wine, and had a great time speaking about video games and 3d printing possibilities.... It turn out she hated it hand threaten to quit home if I hung it on the wall..... Negotiation is still in process... Anyway the kids love it! My wife and I also love each other, so this is not really important, I could find another place to hang it ;)

Edit: Finally whe agreed it`s a great halloween decoration, and it`s on the wall!!

Thanks for watching!!

Step 7: The .stl!!

I forgot to upload the .stl!!!


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