Introduction: High Current Inside Your Car.

High current inside your car allows many benefits. Jump start your car without lifting hood, inverters, usb charging, usb fans, 110v laptop, 700W to 1KW for vacuum (with engine running) and solar panels. No more blown fuses. No more melted cig. lighter. No more blown fusible links.


XT60 connectors Ebay or Amazon.
8ga. wire 3ft red 3ft blk.
8ga. eyelets (2)
14ga. lamp cord 1ft.
Solder, flux
100-150W solder iron.
3S to 6S 3000mah lipo battery (jump start)

Can use 6ga. but wire get big.

Step 1: Location of Wires

Solder 8ga eyelets to both ends of wires. Bolt positive to starter solenoid on engine near firewall, (Subaru) bolt negative to engine block. Longer than 3 ft. needed for different model car.

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