Introduction: High Heel Planter

Want some easy green in your house with an awesome pot! Here is a unique new way to display plants around your house!

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what is needed to make your own high heel planter

High heel platform shoe - The higher the platform the better for the planter in the end


Exacto Knife


Step 2: Destroy the Shoe

Before getting started I had to resolve that I would never wear the shoes again. Once you get past the fact that you are ripping apart a shoe you are set to go.

Start by removing the sides of the shoes. I needed to use a combination of scissors and exacto knife to cut of the sides of the shoes cleanly.

Give yourself some time to cut before doing the final trimming.

Step 3: Cut Into the Toe of the Shoe

Once the side of the shoe is gone I started cutting into the toe of the shoe.

This step is to clean the area out where you will want the plant to be planted in the end. Use the exacto knife to cut through the sole of the shoe.

The will be a few layers of padding before you get to the platform part of the shoe, and if the shoes are made right it will be really tough to get off. With a little patience I was able to clear of the sole area of my shoe and got to hard plastic that made up the platform part of the shoe.

Step 4: Hollow Out the Shoe

When I peeled back on all the layers of the toes of the shoes I found the platform of the shoe was made of a hard plastic.

The next step was to hollow out the platform of the shoe. I was able to have access to a milling machine which not only drilled down, but also can be moved side to side. Having a milling machine was great, but it can also be hollowed out with a drill bit by drilling down in the different areas of the shoe.

Step 5: Plant

Once I had the shoe hollowed out I was able to plant the little plant into the toe of the shoe. For this shoe it was good to have a small cactus like plant to have in the shoe. It didn't need much space and fit into the area nicely.

To plant the plant I started by placing the plant in the shoe then taking some extra potting soil to pack around it. I was able to get the plant very solid and comfortable in the shoe.

Step 6: Display

Finally I displayed my shoe on my desk at home. It was a great addition that give some unique greenery to my space.

I love how the shoe came out and am now keeping my eye out for the largest platform shoes I can just to try it again!

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