Introduction: High Quality Duct Tape Wallet (with Check Pocket!)

I discovered the Duct Tape Wallets here at and decide to make my own design. If you want a high quality wallet, please consider in read this instructable. I have taked many pics to help you to try it out! Yet, forgive possible English language mistakes, because I am brazilian, ok?

Enjoy this instructable and please send me your apreciations or comments!

Step 1: Material List

- Paper cover of any book
- Duct Tape (sure)
- Scissors (or swiss army knife)
- Credit cards or any other plastic cards
- your checks book

Step 2: First Pocket (checks Book Pocket)

The first thing you must to do is the main body of the wallet, that will be used to hold your checks book. Take the paper cover and cut a piece that have 2X the size of your checks book.

Cover one side of the paper with duct tape. Fold the paper in the middle and, with the paper folded, cover the other side with duct tape.

Now you need to cover the opened side of the paper with duct tape, in order to make a "pocket". Insert the excess of duct tape inside the pocket.

Cover the last side of the pocket with duct tape. At last, cover all pocket and trim the excess.

Step 3: Second Pocket (money Pocket)

Take a money note and measure the size of it over the the checks book pocket. Cut another piece of paper, that must to be smaller in tall than the first pocket.

Cover all paper with duct tape. On the bottom side, place a piece of duct tape and leave half size out. Use it to fix the first pocket and this one together, like in the pic. Trim the excess of the closed side and put the excess of the opened side inside the first pocket.

The next step is to fix the sides. Use duct tape to fix the sides, but trim the duct tape to cover the exact size of this second pocket. Insert the excess inside the second pocket and trim the external excesses.

Step 4: Third Pocket (the Cards Holders)

The next step is to make the cards holder. For a duct tape wallet, I think three cards is a good number.

Take another piece of paper that have the same high of the second pocket, but with a bit small than the full size of the wallet.

Cover all the paper with duct tape. Take a piece of duct tape and fold it almost in the middle, leaving a small part of glue out. Place this piece on the place of the first and higher card. Repeat this process two more times in order to make the other card holder, taking care to place the tapes down and down.

Cover the sides with duct tape and take care to do not pass the size of the cards.

Fix the card holder on the wallet using duct tape half in card holder and half in wallet by the bottom of the piece.

Fix the other sides of the card holder and put inside the excesses inside the checks book pocket and the money pocket.

Leave the left side oppened.

Step 5: Fourth Pocket (left Side Internal Pocket)

The next step is to make an internal pocket. The way is almost the same of the previous step, without the card holder.

Take another piece of paper and cover it with duct tape. Fix it with duct tape on the wallet by the bottom side and insert the other sides excesses inside the money pocket.

The outer side you will fix in the same way of the bottom side.

Leave the right side of this pocket oppened.

Step 6: Folding

Fold your wallet in the center strongly.

Step 7: DONE!!!

We finish our duct tape wallet, Orray!

Now you can put your money, credit cards, notes, tickets, check books and wathever fits inside!

I hope you like my instructable and I am waiting your comments!

Many thanks to my wife Adriana, that buy my roll of duct tape!

If you have any sugestions to improve this design, please let me know, ok?