Introduction: High Striker

We all love going to the carnival and playing the high striker. It is one of people's favorite game to play at carnivals, so why not build your own. After doing some simple calculations. You will be able to design your own high striker. Then you will be able to start building your very own high striker.

Step 1: Calculating Your High Striker

First your known information.

Mallet - 1 kg

Mallet to bar distance - 1 meter

Lever distance off the ground - 1 meter

Lever length - 1 meter

Puck weight - .05 kg

1. Find potential energy of mallet.




2. Use conservation of energy to find Kinetic energy.

Conservation of energy says energy can not be created or destroyed. It can be transferred. KE+PE=TE


3. Find KE to find velocity of the mallet.




Take square root of both sides.


4. Use work to find force of impact.



F=96.8 Newtons

5. Use torque to find force applied to the puck.



F2=96.8 Newtons

6. Use work to find the speed of the lever and puck.




7. Find KE of puck.



KE=.24 Newtons

8. PE of puck is -.24 Newtons because of conservation of energy.

9. Find the total height the puck will travel.



D=.49 Meters

Step 2: How It Works

Step 3: How to Make

First you want your mallet to weigh one kg. With less weight you have less potential energy. That means it will be harder to hit the puck higher. Also, make sure it is one meter above the lever. Less distance equals less potential energy. The lever is one meter long, and the fulcrum is in the middle. This makes it a little easier to hit the puck higher. The puck its self is .05 kg. It is just the opposite of the mallet. The more mass the more energy it takes to push the puck up. The lever is .1 meters off the ground. It makes the calculation easier. With this set up the puck will go about .5 meters.

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