High Quality Duct Tape Wallet **UPDATED**




Introduction: High Quality Duct Tape Wallet **UPDATED**

With a little time and patients, You too can make a quality duct tape wallet that's sure to impress.

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Step 1: Required Materials

1) Favorite color roll of duct tape.
2) Quality scissors.
3) Ruler.
4) Knife or equivalent.
5) Packaging tape.
6) paper (optional)

Step 2: Getting Started

The first step is to make the body of the wallet (the money pouch).

1) Cut several strips of tape to the length of 10.5". The idea is to make a sheet of tape. In the first picture, it shows that two layers of tape over lap approx.. half way. Try to line up the edges as best as possible.

2) Fold over the tape with the glue side up (Pic. 2). Remember these first 2 steps, you'll be using them all through out the project.

3) Keep flipping the growing sheet over and apply strips of tape until you have a sheet that is exactly 8.5" long. Fold over the last edge like you did in #2.

4) Using your straight edge, scored the side of the sheet (keep as close to the edge as you can.

5) measure the other edge and score a line that is 10 & 1/16" wide. Cut using your scissors.

Step 3: Finishing Money Pouch

1) Take the finished sheet of tape and fold it in half.

2) Using two strips of tape (4.25" long), tape the edges closed making the pouch.

3) When done, It should look like picture 3. Set it aside (Keep flat).

Step 4: Card Holders

Hope it helps for all those who were having a little difficulty with my wording below.

1) Measure out 4 strips of tape measuring 3.75" long.

2) As in the money pouch portion, line up the edges and stick the 1st two pieces of tape together approx.. half way (Pic 1)

3) Fold over the tape that is glue side up. (Pic 2)

4) Using your ruler, make the length of the tape sheet exactly 2.75". Apply the 4th piece of tape and fold over the exposed edge. (Pic 3).

5) Repeat this step 2 more times.

6) Repeat steps 1-4 once more, but instead make the length of the 4 tape strips 3.5".

7) Just like with the money pouch, score the edge of the sheets to make a flush edge.

8) Cut along the scored edges.

9) With your ruler, measure the 3 sheets of equal size to 3 3/8", score and cut. The one sheet that was 3.5" long, measure and cut to 3" even.

10) Cut 4 strips of tape measuring 2.75". Place one piece over an end of each tape sheet.

11) Cut 4 more pieces of tape at 2.75" long. (these next 4 pieces will be used to assemble the sheets together.

12) Lay a piece of tape across the bottom of one of the sheets (3 3/8") and fold the tape back so the glue side is facing up. (Pic 5-6) I used an old credit card as a spacer so the tape folds back neatly (the yellow paper over it was to cover up and numbers on the credit cards)

13) Stick the second sheet (3 3/8") on top the first off set by 3/8". (Pic 7)

14) repeat step 13 with 3rd sheet of 3 3/8" and the 4th sheet measuring 3". The 3" sheet will be flush on the bottom edge of the "packet". (Pic 8-13)

15) Cut a piece of tape 2.75" and place it at the bottom edge of the stack and fold it around to the back. (Pic 15-16)

16) If done properly the whole thing will measure 4.25" long (Pic 17)

17) Now to tape the edges closed. Cut 2 strips of tape 4.25". I use thin strips of paper approx. .5" wide and 4.25" long on these 2 pieces of tape (Pic 18). They are offset approx. .5" from the edges. The paper is used to keep any glue from the tape from sticking to your cards.

18) Lay the tape across the front of the "packet" making sure the paper partially overlays the front side. Flip the packet over and it should look like Pic 19. With your knife, make a slice at the thickest part of the packet. The slice will help keep the tape from wrinkling when you fold it over.

19) Fold the tape over keeping it as snug as possible (try not to wrinkle the tape) And repeat on other side with 2nd piece of tape. When done, Your card holder should look like Pic 20-21.

20) Flip the packet over and cut through the tape on the front side so each individual pocket can open fully (Pic 22).

21) Repeat steps 1-19 to make a second pouch. Set 2 pouches aside. (Pic 23)

Step 5: Coin Pocket

1) Measure 4 strips of tape measuring 10.5" long.

2) Like in the previous steps, over lay the tape and make a sheet that 2.75" wide.

3) Trim up the 2 outer edges making it approx. 10" long (doesn't') need to be exact, more will be trimmed off later.

4) Cut 1 piece of tape thats 2.75" long and apply it to an edge like. It's just like step 10 in the card holder portion.

5) The edge with the taped end, fold over until it's 4 1/8" long. With 2 strips of tape measuring 4 1/8" long, tape the pouch closed (Pic 2). Set aside.

Step 6: ID Card Holder

1) Cut 4 strips of tape to 8" long

2) overlay them and make the sheet 2.75" wide (like everything else...noticing a pattern yet?)

3) Score one edge and cut it so you have you straight edge. Measure the other side so the total length is 7.5" long

4) Cut 2 pieces of tape 2.75" long and apply to edges (Pic 2)

5) Fold in half and crease the sheet. From .5" from all edges on one half of the sheet, make markings and cut out the square (Pic 3)

6) With your packaging tape, overlay a piece of tape on either side of the square you cut out (taping the 2 pieces of clear tape together). Make sure the edges of the clear tape lay on the duct tape sheet (the 2 outer edges will be close but this is fine).

7) Cut a piece of duct tape that is 3.75" long and then cut it lengthwise to a width of 1 1/16". (Pic 5)

8) With the sheet in front of you and the section with the whole cut out on the top, apply the thin strip of tape to right hand side (sealing the edge and the packaging tape).

9) Cut a piece a of tape 3.75" long. With the sheet still oriented as in the previous step, flip it upside down vertically so the side with the hole is facing the bottom (flip, don't rotate)apply the piece you just cut to the right edge (where the hole isn't. This will save you some frustration later on).

10) Cut a piece of tape 2.75" and align it to the top edge of the whole and tape the sheet together (Folded in half) (Pic 6)

11) Cut another piece of tape 3.75" long. Apply it to the left outer edge of the pouch now, sealing up the 3rd edge to make a pouch. (Pic 7)

Step 7: Assembly

1) Take your newly made ID holder and coin pouch. Lay the ID holder on top of the coin pouch (align the bottom edges together. both pieces are 2.75" wide so those should already be aligned) and fold the tape over that is on the ID holder

2) Cut a piece of tape 2.75" long and tape the bottom edges together (be sure to align the edge of the tape so it doesn't cover the ID holder window)

3) Cut a piece of tape 3.75" long and tape the left edges together (be sure to align the edge of the tape so it doesn't cover the ID holder window). It should look like Pic 2.

Set aside.

Step 8: Card Holder to Money Pouch

1) Cut 3 strips of tape 2.75" long and 2 strips 4.25" long. Take one of the 2.75" pieces and cut it length wise in half.

2) With 1 half of the 2.75" strip that you cut, apply it to the top portion of one of the card holders

3) The other half of the exposed tape, stick to the inside of the money pouch (Pic 2) and fold pouch over.

4) Take 1 of the other 2.75" strips of tape and tape bottom edges of money pouch and card holder together.

5) Take 1 of the other 4.25" strips of tape and tape outer edges of money pouch and card holder together.

6) cut open the openings of the card slots.

7) Repeat steps 1-6 for second pouch on opposite side of the wallet.

Step 9: ID Holder/coin Pouch to Money Holder

The final Stretch!

1) Cut a piece of tape 2.75" wide and apply it to the bottom edge of the ID/coin assembly (Pic 1)

2) Place the ID assembly in the center of the money pouch and fold over the 2 edges (Right side then left side) and align all the edges so they are stacked evenly on top of each other. (Pic 2) When satisfied, fold tape over to attach ID assemble to the rest of the wallet.

3) Cut a piece of tape 4.25" long. Flip the ID assembly up and lay it on the table. Apply the tape to the left side of the ID (don't cover the window edge). With your knife, make a slice so the tape lays flat across the whole thing (Pic 1). Press the tape to money pouch and if needed, tuck the extra length of tape under the left sided card holder. (Pic 1)

4) Cut another Piece of tape 2.75" (this is your last one!). Apply it approx. .5" down on the inside of the money pouch. Apply rest of tape to flap on coin pouch.

5) Fold the flap over and mark where it intersects with the id holder. Snip the edges approx. 1/16" deep. (Pic 4)

6) Take your knife or scissors and cut on an angle to your little 1/16" snips (Pic 5).

7) With your scissors, cut along the edge of where the tape ends (the piece that is attaching the flap to the money pouch [step 4]). The end result should look like Pic 6.

8) Fold the Flap over and tuck it behind the ID holder and YOUR DONE!!!

Step 10: FINISHED!!!

Now you got a high quality Duct tape wallet and people will surely be envious of. This Is my own design and I've sold approx.. 2.5 dozen of these wallets over the past year. I hope you enjoy it as well as everyone who has bought one from me. I've made so many that I can finish a wallet in about 1.5-2 hours time. If you attempt this, don't be surprised if it takes you at least twice as long (of course it was a learning process for me at first).

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6 years ago

Helped my 12 year old son make this. Takes patience and a little tricky the first time, but turns out nice product and pictures and videos very helpful


6 years ago

Thank You SOO Much This was really fun to make!!! I made an account just to be able to post here. Thank YOU again!!


7 years ago

If you ever have time...a video would be really great! I really want to make one but I am having a little trouble following the steps!


12 years ago on Introduction

I FINALLAY FINISHED after 4 hours.....I love you for this instruction, not hard at all and my wallet came out awesome. I had to use scotch tape for the id however (didn't have any packaging tape) ^_^


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

If I recall correctly it takes approximately 20-25 yards of tape to make this wallet.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

You could use a plastic sandwich bag.
Put your ID card in the sandwich bag to the bottom corner of one side, then trace it with some extra space(For the tape to hold it).
Now, cut inside the lines you drew, and use that instead :)


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

sure but then that defeats the prupose of making a wallet out of tape ;)


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

love the animal skin.i'm going to attempt to do a coral snake skin pattern


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

Wow that looks amazing! congrats and enjoy


8 years ago on Introduction

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9 years ago

How much are u selling them for


10 years ago on Introduction

Well, just made my first one..I think I need a better ruler or eyes or something..Will keep on making till they look as good as the one in the pic.