Introduction: Hillbilly Chimenea or Garbage Can Chimenea

Most Chimeneas go for $100 and up, and they only seem to last a year so I came up with one that will out last them and allot cheaper. I made this for $34. The can was $15.50 at home depot and the BBQ grate was $8. the stove pipe and cap. bolts and screws made up the rest.

The only tools i used were a sharpie, 3/4 inch drill bit, cordless drill, pair of metal cutters, tape measure and a metal rasp OH and a pair of leather work gloves

Step 1: Parts Needed

1 metal can

1 - 24' piece of 4" stove pipe

3 - 1 inch sheet metal screws

1- connector end piece

1- 4' cap

1 BBQ grate

3 bolts ( 3/4 inch - 3 inch long ) , 6 washers, 6 nuts

Step 2: Lay Out Pipe Connector

lay out connector and mark with an sharpie

Step 3: Drill Out

Drill a bunch of 3/4 " holes

Step 4: Cut Out

Use metal snipers

Step 5: Install Pipe

Fasten end piece and install stove pipe

Step 6: Fasten Togeather

use the 1 inch sheet metal screws

Step 7: Install Cap

Push the cap on, You don't need to screw it on. (makes it easier to clean)

Step 8: Mark Holes for the Bolts

Measure up about 8" from the bottom, Mark 3 spots evenly spaced out around the can

Step 9: Drill Bolt Holes

Use a 3/4 inch drill bit

Step 10: Install Bolts/Washers and Nuts

Now take your bolts and install ( bolt, nut. washer stick it through the hole then washer and then the last nut. tighten it up good and tight)

Step 11: Install BBQ Grate and Test Fit

Should like this

Step 12: Lay Out Opening Hole

now lay out a couple of lines at 10" to 16" this will give you an 6" opening

Step 13: Measure Out the Length

make it about 14" wide

Step 14: Drill Some Starter Holes

drill a few holes in each corner and a few in the center

Step 15: Cut Out the Opening

USING GLOVES cut out the opening.

THEN take a good metal rasp or grinder and knock the edges off.

If you don't your going to slice the Sh*t out of your hands and I will laugh at you for being a dumb a*s and not listening.

Step 16: Drill Some Air Holes on the Side

About 4" up from the bottom, drill about 8 - 3/4" hole

Step 17: Drill a Few Air Holes on the Bottom

Space them out This will help with airflow and if any water gets in it will drain.

Step 18: Put It All Together

Then make fire.

took me less the an hour to make.