Introduction: Hinge Configurator

This is a basic customizable & parametric hinge design

Although it is common to use OPENSCAD with configurable designs we used a platform which was developed at my company for cloud-based configuration. It is based on WebGl and parametric models. It has a completely free tier that can be used to make the configurators. The backend can be coded in Typescript and there is extensive documentation & free webinars to learn how to code with it. You can download it immediately as an STL from the interface. The link can be found in the source section as well as below.

The configurator can adjust different parameters like height, number of holes, length and width. If you want to participate in free webinars on how to code your own configurators or check out the documentation then let us know at . We are a part of the local Maker Community and we are always interested in building tools to help Makers.

We will add more configurators over time!


3D Printer, Filament

Step 1: Configure Your Design

This is a basic customizable & parametric hinge design product configurator

There you can access the configurator and download your individualized design as an STL. The sliders allow you to change the key parameters of the model.

Step 2: Download the STL and Load It in the Slicer of Your Choice and PRINT

The STL file is ready to go for your favorite slicer once you download it. We have an Ultimaker 2 so this was our printer of choice.